E-81 Common Household Pests

1. ORIENTAL COCKROACH, Blatta orientalis Linnaeus. Pictured (l. to r.) are a female, male, nymph, and egg capsule. The oriental cockroach prefers dampness and is sometimes called a "water bug".

Diseases & Insect Pests

A Field Guide to . Diseases & Insect Pests Of Northern & Central Rocky Moutain Conifers . Hagle Gibson Tunnock

Climate Change and U.S. Agriculture: The Impacts of Warming ...

Climate Change and U.S. Agriculture: The Impacts of Warming and Extreme WeatherEvents on Productivity, Plant Diseases, and Pests Cynthia Rosenzweig, 1 Ana Iglesias, 1 X.B. Yang, 2 Paul R. Epstein, 3 Eric Chivian 3 1 Center for Climate Systems Research, Columbia University 2 Department of Plant ...

Name of the pest

Microsoft Word - INSECT AND MITE PESTS1.doc ***** ***** ***** ***** Name of the pest Species Order Family Cotton Seedlings Large brown cricket ...

Vegetable Insects

MANAGING INSECT PESTS OF POTATO Ricky E. Foster, Extension Entomologist Department of Entomology Vegetable Insects E-96-W PURDUE EXTENSION Colorado potato beetle (l) larva and (r) adult ( Photo Credit: J. Obermeyer ) Potatoes can be attacked from the time seed pieces go into the ground until ...


1 AGRICULTURAL PESTS AND DISEASES Background Under the authority of the Plant Protection Act and the Animal Health Protection Act, USDA guards against the entry of foreign pests and diseases by monitoring plant and animal health throughout the world and setting effective agricultural import ...


MANAGE YARD PESTS RESPONSIBLY Due to concerns about health, the environment, and pesticide resistance, pest control practices once taken for granted are now under scrutiny.

IPM Manual for Minnesota Apple Orchards

Direct pests feed directly on apple fruits, while indirect pests eat leaves, bark, and other parts of the tree. Direct pests include both internal feeders such as codling moth and external pests such as leafrollers.

P2347 Insect Pests of the Home Vegetable Garden

The average home vegetable gardener grows more than a dozen different types of vegetables, and each may be attacked by several different species of insects.

INSECT PESTS OF SORGHUM George L. Teetes and Bonnie B. Pendleton

1 INSECT PESTS OF SORGHUM George L. Teetes and Bonnie B. Pendleton This chapter presents a practical approach involving the use of multiple methods to manage insect pests of sorghum, Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench.

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