A Parallel, Multithreaded Decision Tree Builder GirijaJ. Narlikar

Keywords: Decision tree building, multithreading, parallel C4.5, scalable data mining, lightweight Pthreads, space efficiency, dynamic scheduling.

Unitized Panel System

1 Quality. Versatility. Value. Designed to be versatile and cost-effective, the Parallel Unitized Panel System provides the flexibility to change your work environment as your needs change.

Parallel Execution with Oracle Database 10g Release 2

Parallel Execution with Oracle Database 10g Release 2 Executive Overview..... 3 Introduction ..... 3 Design Strategies for Parallelization ...

Lab #30; Series and Parallel Circuits

Lab #30 Series and Parallel Circuits Introduction: An electrical circuit is a continuous path or array of paths through which an electrical current can flow.

Series and Parallel Circuits

Series and Parallel Circuits Page 1 of 8 Developed by IEEE as part of the IEEE Teacher In-Service Program Series and Parallel Circuits Part of the IEEE Teacher In-Service Program - Please ...

Title: Parallel Lines

Title: Parallel Lines . Brief Overview: In this set of three lessons students will use Geometer’s Sketchpad to explore relationships between parallel lines and transversals.

Flexibility, Reliability and Energy Efficiency

Hussmann pioneered the development of integrated refrigeration systems and now offers a complete selection of advanced parallel racks which can be custom designed for any supermarket application.

Math Mammoth Grade 4B Worksheets Collection

Name: Date: Parallel & Perpendicular Lines 1. List the lines, if any, that are parallel or perpendicular to each other. 2. Mark with one color the line segments that are parallel to each other, and with another those that are perpendicular to each other.

1 Westinghouse Electric CorRgration

In Table I the magnetizing- force required to establish a given magnetic induction for straight-grain (parallel to the rolling direction) and cross-grain ...

Principles of Parallel Algorithm Design

Principles of Parallel Algorithm Design Ananth Grama, Anshul Gupta, George Karypis, and Vipin Kumar To accompany the textìIntroductionto Parallel Computingî, Addison Wesley, 2003.

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