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How are types of ovarian cancer distinguished? The type of ovarian cancer is based on the type of cells in which it occurs. The three main types are listed as follows: 1.


Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian Cysts Q: What are ovaries? A: The ovaries (OH-vuh-reez) are a pair of organs in the female reproductive system. They are located in the pelvis, one on each side of the uterus.


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About This Booklet This National Cancer Institute (NCI) booklet is about ovarian epithelial cancer . It is the most common type of ovarian cancer .


Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer Get the Facts About Gynecologic Cancer www.cdc.gov/cancer/knowledge 1-800-CDC-INFO There are five main types of cancer that affect a woman's reproductive organs: cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal, and vulvar.


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Etiology of Ovarian Cancer To date, the etiology of ovarian cancer is not well understood. Several hypotheses have been proposed to explain the events leading to the development of ovarian cancer.


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National Alliance Ovarian Cancer We work to save women's lives Developed by: Robert Bast, M.D., University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Carmel Cohen, M.D., Mount Sinai Medical Center J. Thomas Cox, M.D., University of California, Santa Barbara Pam Faerber, Ovarian Cancer National ...


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May 2011: Ovarian cancer. Overview Ovarian cancer is diagnosed in nearly a quarter of a million women globally each year. It is the eighth most common cancer in women and the seventh leading cause of cancer death among women, responsible for approximat


Endive— These studies do not show a clear causal effect ...

Onions— We do not have clear data on the usefulness of onions in preventing ovarian cancer.


New Directions in Ovarian Cancer Research

Executive Summary A n estimated 26,800 women were diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1997, and an estimated 14,200 women died from ovarian cancer in 1997.


Ovarian Cancer

What is an ovarian endometrioid tumor? Endometrioid tumors make up about 2 to 4 percent of all ovarian tumors. Most endometrioid tumors (about 80 percent) are malignant and represent 10 to 20 percent of all ovarian carcinomas.


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