OCEANS ‘11 MTS/IEEE Kona - For Immediate Release: MAJOR ...

OCEANS ‘11 MTS/IEEE Kona Oceans of Opportunity: International Cooperation and Partnerships Across the Pacific September 19-22, 2011 Hilton Waikoloa Village, Kona, HI



on oceans by listing interesting things they want to include in the book. At the Mathematics Center, the students complete Activity — Ocean Mathematics.


Unit 3 : Oceans

Unit 3 : Oceans-1-www.learner.org Unit 3 : Oceans Night time Prochlorococcus sampling in the Pacific Ocean. Overview Oceans cover three-quarters of the Earth's surface, but many parts of the deep oceans have yet to be explored.


Internet Lesson Plan Grade level: K-3

Oceans Internet Lesson Plan Grade level: K-3 Teacher Activities Goal: To use Internet resources to explore interesting topics related to oceans. Objectives: At the end of the unit, the participant will be able to: •List the oceans of the world.


Lesson I: Why the Oceans are Important!

© 1998 Project Oceanography Fall Series 1 Year of the Ocean Year of the Ocean Keywords: phyla, brackish, mangroves, seagrasses, International Year of the Ocean Lesson I: Why the Oceans are Important!


The Oceans' Role in Climate

Martin H. Visbeck is an Associate Professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Science at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.


LESSON PLAN Capitals, Oceans, and Border States

Level: Literacy, Low Beginning Suggested Length: 2 or 3 class periods, depending on class time and level


Co-Chairs’ Statement emanating from Oceans Day at Durban ...

Co-Chairs’ Statement emanating from Oceans Day at Durban “Climate, Oceans, People” at the 17th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change


The Oceans

The Oceans Spring 2 nd Grade: Visit 1 Ask the class what they know about oceans. Use a map to point things out while they are talking. Main points to discuss: > What's the difference between an ocean and a sea?


Ocean Habitats - The Intertidal Zone

American Field Guide Teacher Resources: Ocean Habitats Access this lesson plan online at: www.pbs.org/americanfieldguide/teachers Ocean Habitats - The Intertidal Zone Teachers: This lesson contains four activities with discussion questions related to the AFG video clips about ocean habitats.


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