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HRCG-OWS-Profile1-10-5-sample Page 2 The Occupy Wall Street movement has galvanized the attention of the country and the world and has been able to organize Americans into the largest demonstrations in the country in response to the Great Recession.


Occupy Wall Street Survey Topline Douglas E. Schoen, LLC

44% No 7. (if yes) Did you vote for President Obama? 74% Yes 26% No 8. Do you plan on voting in the upcoming 2012 Presidential Election? 73% Yes 2% Maybe 25% No 9.


Spokes Council Meeting 11/22/11

Spokes Council Meeting 11/22/11-St. Francis School (12th & pine) is willing to rent space to Occupy Portland for $800 a month. First Unitarian Church is willing to help with the first month's rent.


I Didn't Get It...

But We Will By Ruth Fowler...pg. 1 & 4 Teach-in Offer Occupiers Strategy Tips by Jonathan Roskos...pg. 1 & 2 Occupy Movement: A Primer by Daniel Immerwahr...pg. 1 & 3 First, ...


Occupy Bellingham Eviction Notice

Occupy Bellingham Maritime Heritage Park occupy[email protected] PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release Contact: Shane Roth 360 440 4258 Occupy Bellingham Eviction Notice December 27, 2011—Occupy Bellingham has been given a notice of eviction, in writing, today from the City of Bellingham ...


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The Declaration of Occupy D.C.

The Declaration of Occupy D.C. Consented to by General Assembly November 30 th, 2011 We have been captives of corrupt economic and political systems for far too long.


BNY Mellon eviction notice

NOTICE Occupy Pittsburgh hereby makes it known that The Bank of New York Mel lon Corporation (NYSE: BK, hereafter BNY Mellon), a Delaware Corpora


Present committees, caucuses, and tribes: Engineering ...

0:00 Explanation of tribes vs. caucuses vs. committees. A "committee" is a group of people consistently contributing to Occupy Portland. Anyone can join committees.


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