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Chris Cortier New Prairie High School APEnglishfiles High Schools That Work Characteristics of Nonfiction Nonfiction : prose that deals with real events and people ô Characters, settings, and events must conform to what is true ô Story cannot be manipulated by the writer's imagination Types of ...

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Nonfiction Text By Daneen Deam [email protected] & Linda Olson [email protected] Information & materials copied and borrowed from: Boynton, Alice.

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Genre Read I t, Write I t, Tell I t Genre - Mike Fink 14 Non - Fiction Fiction Fiction vs. Non-Fiction Name: Date: Use the terms and phases listed below. All of the terms are characteristics of fiction, non-fiction, or both fiction and non-fiction.

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The teacher will show students a copy of a nonfiction book that is grade appropriate and interesting to students. ( Flight , The Underground Railroad: ...

Questions for Reading Non-fiction

 What fact (s) did you enjoy learning about the most?  Of the information you learned, which would you like to share with someone else?  Would you like to read more books about this topic?

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O ne of the main challenges in reading nonfiction is the number of new vocabulary words students encounter. When certain vocabulary is essential for understanding a new concept, I recommend preteaching the concept and related words; see the before-reading teaching guide on this topic.

Type or Form

Nonfiction Type or Form Traits Author's Purpose 1. Autobiography Written about a person's life or one main event or Biography Has a plot to inform Can be read in one sitting or have many chapters Information organized by topic 2.

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38 © 2003 International Reading Association (pp. 38-48) ROSEMARY G. PALMER ROGER A. STEWART Nonfiction trade book use in primary grades Nonfiction has been a small part of primary-grade instruction due, in part, to the lack of quality books written for this level.

"Stealing" Information from Nonfiction Texts

3 I. Introduction To fulfill the instructional planning and implementation requirements for SI 641, the project I chose to undertake was to design and teach a lesson for two groups of 4 th The media center for the school was centrally situated, surrounded by a ring of classrooms with doors ...

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