Uniform State Law Examination

Uniform State Law Examination (Series 63) Exam Specifications and Outline (Effective 1/1/2010) CONTENT AREA # of Items . 1. State Securities Acts and related rules and regulations 36 (60%)


NORTH AMERICAN SECURITIES ADMINISTRATORS ASSOCIATION, INC ("NASAA") 2008 FRANCHISE REGISTRATION AND DISCLOSURE GUIDELINES (Amended and Restated UFOC Guidelines) On January 23, 2007, the Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") adopted a final amended Franchise Rule ("Amended FTC Franchise Rule"). 16 C.F ...

Introduction to NASAA:

NASAA N ORTH A MERICAN S ECURITIES A DMINISTRATORS A SSOCIATION , I NC . 750 First Street N.E., Suite 1140 Washington, D.C. 20002 202/737-0900 Fax: 202/783-3571 President: David Massey (North Carolina) Secretary: Rick Hancox (New Brunswick) Directors: Joseph P. Borg (Alabama ...

How to Analyze Non-profit Financial Statements

Reading 5 NASAA Training 09/10/2008 How to Analyze Non-profit Financial Statements. How to Assess Nonprofit Financial Performance Elizabeth K. Keating, CPA Assistant Professor ...


The NASAA Organic Standard, December 2004, Amended 13 th May, 2008 Page 1 of 114 National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia Limited NASAA ORGANIC STANDARD Printed December 2004, Amended 13th May, 2008

Research-Based Communication

Research-Based Communication Tool kit Section III Sherry Brown , Rhode Island Mary Campbell-Zopf, Ohio Camillia El-Entably, Wyoming Jeffrey Hooper, Ohio David Marshall, Massachusetts Beck McLaughlin, Montana Sharon Morgan, Oregon Return to Tool kit home page

Into Organics

3 IntoOrganics NASAA Standards NASAA Standards are your guide to achieving certified organic status, and include; The NASAA Organic Standard covering Primary Producers Input Manufacturers Processors Packers Wholesalers Transporters Exporters Biodynamic Production Retail, ...

NASAA and Organic Agriculture in Australia

1 ┬ęCAB International 2007. Organic Farming: an International History (Lockeretz) 225 NASAA and Organic Agriculture in Australia E. Wynen 1 and S. Fritz 2 1 Principal, Eco Landuse Systems, 3 Ramage Place, 2615 Flynn, Canberra, Australia; 2 Catchment Officer - Biodiversity. ... THE UNIFORM FRANCHISE OFFERING CIRCULAR GUIDELINES GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS 90.

Final Participant Fee Disclosure Regulations

Employee Benefits Alert February 8, 2011 Final Participant Fee Disclosure Regulations I. Background and Overview The Department of Labor (the " DOL ") published the final regulation on fee disclosures to participants and beneficiaries in participant-directed account plans (the "Regulation ").

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