FCC Narrowbanding Mandate

FAQ SHEET FCC Narrowbanding Mandate Frequently Asked Questions What is Narrowbanding? In an effort to promote more efficient use of spectrum, the FCC mandated all VHF and UHF Public Safety and Industrial /Business licensees using 25 kHz land mobile radio (LMR) systems migrate to narrowband 12.5 ...


2 Executive Summary The Federal Communications Commission’s regulatory environment for Land Mobile Radio (LMR) can appear complex, but is in fact relatively straightforward.

Weed of the Week

Weed of the Week Narrow-leaved Cattail Typha angustifolia L . Common Names: cattail, narrow-leaved cattail, narrow-leaf cattail, narrowleaved cattail Native Origin : Eurasia Description : An erect aquatic freshwater perennial in the cat-tail family ( Typhaceae ) growing 3 to 6 feet tall.

The next generation in space saving efficiency

NARROW AISLE FLEXI FLEXI works in very narrow aisles, lifts up to 2000 lbs. to heights of up to 354" and loads like a counterbalance forklift. It is the state of the art in optimizing storage capacity.

Panel Two: Narrowbanding Funding and Budgetary Issues

Presenter's Name June 17, 2003 Narrowband Funding Challenges 2 States and localities have expressed concerns when determining how to fund narrowbanding transition including: Replacing old communications equipment (e.g., radios, pagers) Re-licensing wideband channels to narrowband operation ...

Federal Communications Commission Public Safety and Homeland ...

Federal Communications Commission Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau General Information on VHF/UHF Narrowbanding

Transcription Practice Exercise 15—Tagalog

Transcription Practice Exercise 2—Narrow Transcription of English In these exercises, you will hear words, phrases, and sentences of English.


1 June 13, 1999 Luke Lesson 66 The Narrow Door Luke 13:22-30 Years ago, before Korea was divided, a theological professor from Yale visited a mission in northern Korea.

Marker Text

Former Narrow Gauge Railroad/Railroad Construction Grant County 27.1992.1 Prepared by the Indiana Historical Bureau 2010 Marker Text Tracklayers building narrow gauge railroad connecting Great Lakes at Toledo, Ohio, with Mississippi River reached this point October 1, 1880.

Huston Smith on Judaism, Part II

Name: Date: Period: Huston Smith on Judaism, Part II Huston Smith, The World's Religions, chapter VII (Judaism) pp 271-299. 1. Explain how the Jewish view of history differs from both the Indian (Hindu) and Greek view.

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