Plant Names A Guide to Botanical Nomenclature

14 Latin names, the binomial system and plant classification When the first printed books were circulated, Latin was the internationally accepted language of Western scholars because herbalists and botanists relied on the classical Greek texts and their Latin translations for plant descriptions.

Geographic Sports Team Names

Geographic Sports Team Names Theme: Students will be looking at the sports names of professional teams in baseball, football, basketball, and hockey and analyzing how many of the names match up to a geographic feature of the area or city that the team represents.


Research Review New Series 16.2 (2000) 53-65 PERSONAL NAMES OF THE DAGOMBA M.E. Kropp Dakubu The paper documents personal names and naming practices of the Dagomba people.

The Names of Afghanistan: Understanding Pashto and Dari Names

2 Names and National Security • Understanding the linguistic properties of names and the usage of names in a particular culture is essential for intelligence gathering, and homeland security.

Naming patterns amongst ethnic-Chinese Singaporeans

Englishised names? Naming patterns amongst ethnic-Chinese Singaporeans Naming patterns amongst ethnic-Chinese Singaporeans


microsoft word - whalenames_06.doc. whale names - a 2-3 white spot aardvark abacus abalone abrasion abraxus achilles acolyte adder adirondack adz agassiz ajax alabaster aladdin albatross alcatraz alpaca alpha alphorn alpine altair altiplana aluetian amazon amber amoeba ampersand amphora ...


BOTANICAL NOMENCLATURE (PLANT NAMES) Organisms known to science have a name that consists of two words, a generic name and a specific epithet. The two words combine to form a binomial suitable for scientific or international communications.

Scientific Names of Plants

Scientific Names of Plants HOW TO SAY THEM AND WHAT THEY MEAN Pronunciation Meaning References I. PRONUNCIATION 1. Latin has no "silent letters." Pronounce every letter.

Learning of Letter Names 1

Learning of Letter Names 1 Running head: LETTER NAME KNOWLEDGE Learning of Letter Names Follows Similar Principles Across Languages: Evidence From Hebrew Rebecca Treiman Washington University in St. Louis Iris Levin Tel Aviv University Brett Kessler Washington University in St. Louis

Plant Names

Plant Names All life depends on plants Scientific plant names E v e ry plant that has been described by scientists has been given a scientifi c n a m e.

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