Pronunciation of Storm Names

Pronunciation of Storm Names Eastern North Pacific Names The following information is taken from Chapter 3 of the National Hurricane Operations Plan . 2011 Adrian AY-dree-uhn Beatriz BEE-a-triz Calvin KAL-vin Dora DOR-ruh Eugene YOU-jeen Fernanda fer-NAN-dah Greg greg Hilary HIH-luh-ree Irwin UR ...

How the States Got Their Names

How the States Got Their Names Alabama Before Europeans landed on American shores, the upper stretches of the Alabama River in present-day Alabama used to be the home lands of a Native American tribe called - drum roll, please - the Alabama ( Albaamaha in their own tribal language).


(Published: Summer, 2002) Page IX.3.1 SECTION IX -- NAMES (ONOMASTICS) --TECHNICAL 3) Annotated Bibliography on Names (August XXI, April XXV) Author: Alison von Markheim Eilis O'Boirne Number of Pages: 5 Policy Level: Informational Intended Audience: All heralds and their clients Abstract: List ...


Names lesson Part One: Vocabulary What is missing from each of the lists below? What does all three lists have in common?  First/ Last/ Family/ Given/ Christian/ Middle/ Pet/ Full/ Maiden/ Professional/ Pen/ Change your/ Take someone’s/ Stage/ Screen/ Assume a/ Unisex/ Biblical/ Real/ Go by ...

Atlantic Hurricanes

The Naming of Atlantic Hurricanes U.S. Department of Commerce ! NOAA ! National Weather Service History of Hurricane Names For several hundred years, many hurricanes in the West Indies were named after the particular saint=s day on which the hurricane occurred.

Names and Name Changes

Section 1: Names and Name Changes in Connecticut (Adult) A Guide to Resources in the Law Library SCOPE: Bibliographic resources relating to the names and change of names of an adult which is effected with or without court proceedings in Connecticut.

Last Names First

Last Names First Conventional surnames have arrived with a splash as first names. They appeal to creative namers with their freshness, while their familiarity and Style Families 249


120 TURF CULTURE COMMON NAMES OF TURF GRASSES A. J. PIETERSandF. F. DAVIS::. Our ordinary plants usually have two names; the botanical and the common name.

Names of Michigan Fishes

1 September, 1958 Revised February, 1975 Revised October, 1982 Revised October, 1991 Revised October, 2002 NAMES OF MICHIGAN FISHES *This*list*of*names*for*the*fishes*of*Michigan*has*been*prepared*by*Dr.*Reeve*M.* Bailey ,*Curator*Emeritus*of*Fishes,*and*Dr.*Gerald*R.*Smith,*Curator*of*Fishes ...

How to Write Scientific Names of Organisms

How to Write Scientific Names of Organisms General: Scientific names are Latin (or latinized) names assigned to particular organisms, living or extinct, based on binomial system of nomenclature.

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