How To Use a Multimeter

How To Use a Multimeter 000MULTI2 Multimeters measure AC and DC voltages. Car batteries supply DC voltage, while wall outlets in your home supply AC voltage.

The Multimeter

1 rev 1/07 The Multimeter Saddleback College Physics Department Purpose: ∞ To gain an understanding of how to use a multimeter to measure voltage, resistance and current. ∞ To take several experimental measurements and compare them to the calculated/actual values.

HOW TO USE MULTIMETER Copyright © 2007 9 3. DIGITAL MULTIMETER The major parts of a digital multimeter are briefly described below. 1. LCD METER SECTION The LCD meter section indicates a number and a polarity.

Testing Electrical Systems with a Digital Multimeter

Testing Electrical Systems with a Digital Multimeter Perhaps the most important tool you'll use in troubleshooting auto electrical systems is the multimeter.

Multimeter Users Manual

1 READ FIRST: SAFETY INFORMATION This meter has been designed and tested in accordance with IEC Publication 1010. To ensure that the meter is used safely, follow all safety and operating instructions in this

User's Guide Mini Analog MultiMeter

User's Guide Mini Analog MultiMeter Model 38073 Introduction Congratulations on your purchase of the Extech model 38073 Analog Multimeter. This device measures AC/DC Voltage, DC Current, Resistance, dB, and has battery test, displaying measurements in analog format.

Digital Multimeter

WARRANTY Your Amprobe ® product will be free from defects in material and workmanship for 1 year from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover fuses, disposable batteries or damage from accident, neglect, misuse, alteration, contamination, or abnormal conditions of operation or handling.

Using a Digital Multimeter

ST. LAWRENCE UNIVERSITY Physics  SLU Physics Using a Digital Multimeter Department of Physics Revised: 1/4/2011 1 of 3 Canton, NY 13617 Using a Digital Multimeter In this course we will frequently use a digital multimeter to measure the voltage, current and resistance of circuit components.

ABCs of multimeter safety

ABCs of multimeter safety Multimeter safety and you Voltage spikes-an unavoidable hazard As distribution systems and loads become more complex, the possibilities of transient overvoltages increase.

Multimeter - Mastech M9803R Guide

Digital Multimeter Guide ECE Dept - Portland State University 3 Function Buttons These buttons activate additional multimeter functions. Some often used buttons are: • BACKLIGHT - illuminates the LCD display.

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