1 Presenting the American Monetary Act (as of July 18, 2009) ©2009 American Monetary Institute, P.O. Box 601, Valatie, NY 12184 [email protected] 518-392-5387 "Over time, whoever controls the money system controls the nation."


AMERICAN MONETARY INSTITUTE PO BOX 601, VALATIE, NY 12184 Tel. 518-392-5387, email [email protected] Dedicated to the independent study of monetary history, theory, and reform "Over time, whoever controls the money system controls the society."

Monetary Policy Report - July 2011

Canada's InflatIon-Control strategy* Inflation control and the economy •*Inflation*control*is*not*an*end*in*itself;*it*is*the*means*whereby*monetary*policy*contributes*to* solid*economic*performance.

The Financial Crisis and the Policy Responses: An Empirical ...

2 1.1 Loose Fitting Monetary Policy Figure 1 was published in The Economist magazine in October 2007 as a simple way to illustrate the story of monetary excesses.

Minutes of the Monetary Policy Committee Meeting held on 7

Publication date: 21 September 2011 MINUTES OF THE MONETARY POLICY COMMITTEE MEETING 7 AND 8 SEPTEMBER 2011 These are the minutes of the Monetary Policy Committee meeting held on 7 and 8 September 2011.

The Japanese economy continues in a deep recession. The short-

1 Japanese Monetary Policy: A Case of Self-Induced Paralysis?* Ben S. Bernanke Princeton University December 1999 * For presentation at the ASSA meetings, Boston MA, January 9, 2000.

Monetary Policy as Regulation May 2011

Monetary Policy as Financial-Stability Regulation Jeremy C. Stein  First draft: April 2010 This draft: May 2011 Abstract This paper develops a model that speaks to the goals and methods of financial

Monetary Policy and Unemployment

Monetary Policy and Unemployment Olivier Blanchar d ¤ March 2003 I was asked for my thoughts on monetary policy and unemployment. I shall build on the themes developed at this conference, and do my best to be provocative.

Purposes and Functions of the Federal Reserve

2 Monetary Policy and the Economy The Federal Reserve sets the nation's monetary policy to promote the objectives of maximum employment, stable prices, and moderate long-term interest rates.

U.S. Monetary Policy: An Introduction (updated 02/06/2004)

Q&A U.S. Monetary Policy An Introduction U.S. monetary policy affects all kinds of economic and financial decisions people make in this country — whether to get a loan to buy a new house or car or to start up a company, whether to expand a business by investing in a new plant or equipment, and ...

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