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VFR Weather Minimums

VFR Weather Minimums The basic VFR weather minimums (14 CFR 91.155) are specific to types of airspace and altitudes. Understanding the rationale behind the different requirements might help you remember them more easily.

Getting the Maximum from Personal Minimums

however, that a major reason is that many pilots—even safety-conscious ones—don't have a clear idea about where to start, and that many flight instructors—even conscientious ones— may not know how to guide pilots through the process of establishing personal minimums.

The Chart Clinic - Twenty Fourth in a Series

final approach fix to the runway threshold exceeds 400 feet per nautical mile, straight-in landing minimums are not authorized. The letters A, B, C and D at the left of the minimums box represent the aircraft categories.


E XTERNAL PRESSURES Trip Planning Allowance for delays ..... _____ minutes Alternate Plans for Diversion or Cancellation Notification of person(s) you are meeting Passengers briefed on diversion or cancellation plans and alternatives Modification or cancellation of car rental, restaurant, or ...

The Future of Mandatory Minimums in Sentencing

S ince the Supreme Court's decisions in Blakely 1 and Booker, 2 sentencing jurisprudence has undergone a virtual revolution. But at least one stalwart remains—mandatory minimums.

Reduced Category I ILS Landing Minimums Operational Safety ...

Reduced Category I ILS Landing Minimums OSA iii Signature Page Title: “Reduced Category I ILS Landing Minimums Operational Safety Assessment (OSA).”

The Chart Clinic - Twenty Fifth in a Series

Minimum Descent Height above the touchdown zone (HAT), and not the height above the airport (HAA). On this approach, Category A, B, C, and D aircraft are authorized for the same straight-in landing MDA(H), but have different visibility minimums.

Circle-To-Land Tactics

The localizer is aligned within 30 degrees of the runway, yet this IAP has circling-only minimums because of the steep descent gradient.

Our Mission

Our Mission Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM) was established in 1991 to roll back the onslaught of mandatory minimum sentencing laws and promote fair and proportionate sentencing policies.

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