Bonded Metallics: All of our metallic powder coatings are bonded. The bonding of metallic pigments to the base material offers unique advantages over conventional dry blending.


OPTION | Think outside the four-wall box. Apply gold or silver illusions ® Translucent Metallic Finish to mantels, trim, furniture, and accessories to create a luxuriously opulent touch.

Surviving and Thriving

IT'S A SALES WORLD AFTER ALL Metallic's International Sales Team Takes Buildings Beyond Borders Andy DeLaQuadra, SSM Larry Reis, VP Intl. Sales Solange Cailet, SSM.


Studio Finishes ® Latex Metallic Glaze 620 Benjamin Moore & Co., 101 Paragon Drive, Montvale, NJ 07645 Tel: (201) 573-9600 Fax: (201) 573-9046 Surface Preparation Surfaces to be finished must be clean, dry and free of wax, grease, scaling paint and mildew.


PRESS RELEASE - For Immediate Release Contact: Kory Garbelman Marketing & Sales Manager Non-Metallic Components, Inc. (608) 635-7366 NON-METALLIC COMPONENTS, INC.

TIGER Drylac

Important: Caution must be exercised when working with metallic powder coatings! Guidel ines for Application of Metallic Powder Coatings are packed with each box of our metallic powder coatings.

Our mission is to establish Aerospace Metallic Supply as a ...

Aerospace Metallic Supply Ltd Delivering world class service, logistics and supply chain solutions to the aerospace and defence industry.

Metallic stearates

Plastics open new avenues for the future. Additives essentially determine properties and quality of the end product. As a global leader in additive supply, Baerlocher has for more than 50 years been successfully providing support to the plastics industry by developing and manufacturing high ...

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Postoperative Patients with ...

128i Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Postoperative Patients with Metallic Implants Michael Mechlin1 David Thickman1*2 HerbertY. Kressel1 Warren Gefter1 Peter Joseph1 Received March 29, 1984; accepted after revi-sionJuly3,1984.

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GENERAL INFORMATION ALPOLIC ® /fr's extensive selection of Metallic finishes enable you to create designs and effects that no other panel system can achieve.

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