Single Supply Quad Operational Amplifiers

MC3403, MC3303 4 CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION Figure 2. Inverter Pulse Response 20 μs/DIV 5.0 V/DIV The MC3403/3303 is made using four internally compensated, two-stage operational amplifiers.

MC3403 - Single Supply Quad Operational Amplifiers

© Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC, 2012 January, 2012 − Rev. 11 1 Publication Order Number: MC3403/D MC3403, MC3303 Single Supply Quad

MC3303/MC3403 Quad Operational Amplifier

©2001 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation Rev. 1.0.1 Features •Output voltage can swing to GND or negative supply •Wide power supply range; •Single supply of 3.0V to 36V •Dual supply of ±1.5V to ±18V •Electrical characteristics similar to the KA741 •Class AB ...


MC3303, MC3403 QUADRUPLE LOW-POWER OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS SLOS101C - FEBRUARY 1979 - REVISED FEBRUARY 2002 2 POST OFFICE BOX 655303 • DALLAS, TEXAS 75265 schematic (each amplifier) IN-IN+ V CC+ Common Bias Circuitry V CC-Output To Three Other Amplifiers 2.4 k Ω 5 pF Component values shown ...

Single Supply Quad Operational Amplifiers

MC3403, MC3303 10 ON Semiconductor and are registered trademarks of Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC (SCILLC). SCILLC reserves the right to make changes without further notice to any products herein.

+12-14 VDC Unregulated

deviationmeter deviationmeter. 1 2 3 4 A B C D 4 3 2 1 D C B A VA7TA 7056 Railway Ave., Courtenay, BC V9J-1N4, CANADA [email protected] Title: File Name: Sheet: of Revision Date: RS Pro-2021 Scanner Deviation Meter 1 1 2-Jan-2002 22:29:02 15 Deviation Meter.sch Revision: 3 2 1 4 11 U1A MC3403 5 6 7 ...


6 Motorola Optoelectronics Device Data *Consult factory for leadform option availability NOTES: 1. DIMENSIONING AND TOLERANCING PER ANSI Y14.5M, 1982.

Doug’s Tech notes By Doug Jones

2N3906, (R53) 100ohm 1/8w, U1 - TLC2274 (or Raytheon RC3403) - Do not substitute a LM324, MC3403 or any other part for the TLC2274 as they don't have enough gain @100khz to zero the meter.

Linear IC Tester

... operational amplifiers lm101 lm107 lm108 lm118lm124 lm148 lm158 lm201 lm207lm208 lm218 lm224 lm248 lm258lm301 lm307 lm308 lm310 lm318lm324 lm348 lm358 lm1458 lm2900 lm2902 lm2904 lm3900 lmc660 ca358ca3130 ca3140 ca3160 ca3240 ca3260 tl022 tl061 tl062 tl064 tl071 tl072 tl074 tl081 tl082 tl084 tl094 mc3303 mc3403 mc3503 mc34004 ne5532 ...

Linear IC Tester

... mc3403 ad648 tlc272 lm258 ca3140 mc3503 ad711 lp124 lm301 ca3160 mc34004 d712 lp324 lm307 ca3240 ne5532 lt1013 ha17324 lm308 ca3260 ne5534 lt1014 upc451 rc4558 c4082 comp a rat tors lm139 lm193 lm239 lm293 lm339 lm393 lm2901 lm2903 lm3302 lp239 lp339 lp2901 tlc339 tlc393 opto ( optocouplers ) 4n25 4n26 4n27 4n28 4n29 4n32 4n33 4n35 4n36 4n37 ...

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