W When the history books are written, "value-added assessment" will be understood as a revolutionary breakthrough—one that gave educators a powerful diagnostic tool for measuring the effect of pedagogy, curricula, and professional development on academic achievement and gave K-12 education a ...

Life Matters: Contraception

Life Matters: Contraception For decades Americans have been told—by the media, Planned Parenthood, sex educators, and activists who promote abortion and "reproductive rights"—that contraceptives are the safe and effective way to prevent unplanned pregnancy.

early years and social mobility

Parenting matters * Executive Summary The coalition government has nailed its colours to the mast on social mobility in language that could not be clearer or more committed: "Improving social mobility is the principal goal of the Coalition Government's social policy... tackling the opportunity ...

Manresa Matters

To help men and women grow spiritually through prayer, reflection, guidance, and teaching according to the Ignatian tradition Manresa Matters Manresa Jesuit Retreat House 1390 Quarton Road • Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304-3554 248.644.4933 • December 2011 Christmas is upon us ...


Slide 1 Slide 1. Sustainability Matters contains best practices and case studies to inform readers about GSA's sustainable initiatives and strategies to ensure that Federal buildings are meeting mandates.


aeromatters The newsletter of aerospace materials pty ltd Volume 1-3 This is the way it was. Bell P39 “Airacobra” to fly again When the USA went to war after Pearl Harbour the majority of its front line

How to Design a Good API and Why it Matters

_How to Design a Good API and Why it Matters 2 Why is API Design Important? • APIs can be among a company's greatest assets _ Customers invest heavily: buying, writing, learning _ Cost to stop using an API can be prohibitive _ Successful public APIs capture customers • Can also be among ...

We Can Do Better

Every Child Matters Education Fund Washington, ...

nomy eco GREEN y

nomy eco GREEN y Why a Green Economy Matters for the Least Developed Countries

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