Tar Spots of Maple

*Tar Spots of Maple Several different fungi in the genus Rhytisma infect the leaves of maples and cause raised, black spots to form on upper leaf surfaces.

Silver Maple Plant Guide

Plant Guide SILVER MAPLE. Acer saccharinum L. Plant Symbol = ACSA2 . Contributed by: USDA NRCS Manhattan Plant Materials Center & Kansas State University, Forestry Research

Plant Guide

Maple-leaf viburnum begins seed production at about 2 years of age and produces abundant fruit every year. Most seeds have an impermeable seedcoat and embryo dormancy that requires a warm-cold stratification sequence to be broken.

Current Stresses on the Syrup Industry

Climate Change Issues 39 The maple sugar industry represents an important component of both New England and New York's character and economy. The U.S. maple syrup production presently accounts for approximately 20% of the worldwide production.

The Maple, Beech and Cameron Lakes Area Property Owners ...

The Maple, Beech and Cameron Lakes Area Property Owners Association Presentation to County Council - February 20 th 2008 Thanks to organizations that provided information: o Minister of Finance - The Honourable Greg Sorbara o Ministry of Natural Resources o ORNGE- operators of air ambulance ...

Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple Japanese maple is a spectacular, aristocratic tree suitable for most landscapes. As its name implies, Japanese maple is native to Japan, China and Korea.

Maple Leaf Quilt from France  Pom de l'atelier papillon

Maple Leaf Quilt from France  Pom de l'atelier papillon 2011  Cindy Carter 2011 http://carterquilter.w ordpress .com/ 73.5” by 73.5” - 187cm by 187cm Pom (from France) found my Scrappy Maple Leaf quilt pattern on the internet and wrote me ...


Forest Service United States Department of Agriculture FS-246 Sugar maple is a wide-ranging and im-portant hardwood tree-a component of 23 forest types in the United States

Maple Syrup A Taste of Nature

Sugar maples grow best in these areas of Pennsylvania. Students get a firsth and look at dripping sap from a tapped sugar maple tree. Sugar maple trees are unique to North America and grow naturally only in the northeastern United States and southeastern Canada.

Norway Maple

Norway Maple Norway maple ( Acer platanoides) is a medium to large size shade tree for many northern landscapes. Spring leaves range from green to dark red, most varieties changing to dark green in the summer then yellow in the fall.

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