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Bulletin 10-03 October 20, 2003 Despite Good Demand, It's Been A Buyer's Market Lumber trading activity picked up in mid-October as buyers reportedly moved to replenish diminishing inventories.


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Lumber, Flooring, and Siding

UNITED STATES INTERNATIONAL TRADE COMMISSION This report was prepared principally by William Hoffmeier Animal and Forest Products Branch Agriculture and Forest Products Division Director of Industries Vern Simpson Director of Operations Robert A. Rogowsky COMMISSIONERS David B. Rohr Peter S ...

Finishing and Restoring Wood and Structures

Lumber Price Comparison Wood Price (per thousand board feet) yellow-poplar $650-$750 Ponderosa pine $810 radiata pine $1,000 western red cedar $1,320-$2,350 Price information from Hardwood Review Weekly, 2008, and Random Lengths, 2008.

THE LINK The Surging China Lumber Market

LOG IMPORTS . Due to the global recession that began in the second half of 2008, China’s total log imports declined in 2009 to 28.1 million m3 (-5.1%).

Matheus lumbers through recessions by expanding

[email protected] | 206.876.5427 MATHEUS LUMBER PHOTO By STEVE WILHELM STAFF WRITER Were it not for its success supplying building materials for the Grand Coulee Dam in the depths of the Great Depression, Matheus Lumber Co. Inc. would not be the company it is today.

United States Forest Forest Products Phone: (608) 231–9200 ...

lumber are laminated veneer lumber and parallel-strand lumber. Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is manufactured from layers of veneer with the grain of all the layers parallel.

Northport II

44' 34' 66' 44' Slab/crawl option shown Stylish Ranch Wall Options: * 2" x 4" * 2" x 6" Foundation Options: * Slab * Crawl Space * Full Basement Total living area: 1,858 sq. ft. *3 Bedrooms *2 Baths and Laundry *Standard 2-Car Garage *Standard Front Porch *Elegant Turned Gables All the charm of ...

Air Drying of Lumber

Abstract This report describes how lumber can be air-dried most effectively under outdoor conditions and illustrates the principles and procedures of air-drying lumber that were

Lumber Recovery From Ponderosa Pine in Northern California

United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service Pacific Northwest Forest and Range Experiment Station Research Paper PNW-333 January 1985 Lumber Recovery From Ponderosa Pine in Northern California Susan Ernst and W. Y. Pong This file was created by scanning the printed publication.

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