STUDENT COMPLAINT PROCEDURE 1. Student sends a letter to the school director addressing complaint(s) and indicates desired remedy; student maintains a copy of the letter; school director has fifteen (15) days to respond to student; 2.





Applicant is duly licensed to practice law in the State of Louisiana, and is exempt under R.S. 35:191(C)(2)(e) from taking or passing the Louisiana state notary examination provided for in R.S. 35:191.1.



TRANSMITTAL INFORMATION For All Business Filings Business Name (List exactly as it appears in documents) Name of person filing document (evidence of filing will be mailed to this person, at address below) Daytime phone number Address City State Zip Code NOTE: Louisiana Law requires all Louisiana ...


Questionnaire To Assist In Determining Liability For ...

R -4310 (7/07) Questionnaire To Assist In Determining Liability For Corporation Income Tax Or Corporation Franchise Tax Company Name La Account Number FEIN Address City State ZIP The following questions will assist us in determining whether your company is liable for Louisiana corporation income ...


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3 Louisiana Department of Justice A Guide to Louisiana Landlord and Tenant Laws 4 . When a landlord agrees to reserve rental property, the ...


Louisiana Hurricane History

Climatology of Tropical Cyclones in Louisiana 3 "We live in the shadow of a danger over which we have no control: the Gulf, like a provoked and angry giant, can awake from its seeming lethargy, overstep its conventional boundaries, invade our land and spread chaos and disaster" - Part of "Prayer ...


Chemical Contaminants

Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, Office of Conservation General Water Quality Summary, Louisiana Groundwater—Alluvial Aquifer Systems Fact Sheet, August 2010. 3.


Louisiana RESIDENT Income Tax Booklet

Louisiana RESIDENT Income Tax Booklet THIS BOOKLET CONTAINS: Resident tax forms, schedules, worksheets, instructions, and tax tables. Check your refund status at re venue.louisiana.gov/refund or by calling 1.888.829.3071 or 225.922.3270, AVAILABLE 24 HOURS A DAY.


Office for Citizens with Developmental

628 North Fourth Street Baton Rouge, Louisiana (225) 342-0095 Toll Free: 1-866-783-5553 Fax: (225) 342-8823 Email: [email protected] Web site: www.ocdd.dhh.louisiana.gov EXTENDED FA MILY LIVING (EFL) These services are provided to people in the home of non-related persons.


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