COMMENCEMENT 2011 Monday, May 9, 2011, 3:00 p.m. Gibson Amphitheatre, Universal City PROCESSIONAL “Pomp and Circumstance” - Sir Edward Elgar


Dara Ljubi Sanjin Stankovi - INTERACTION OF NET PRESENT VALUE ...

1 Dara Ljubi University of Mostar, Faculty of Economics, Bosnia and Herzegovina Josipa Mrša University of Rijeka, Faculty of Economics Rijeka, Croatia


Yugoslav Oral Lyric, Primarily in Serbo-Croatian

Her brothers implore the sun in these words: "'Lakše, polakše, sunašce jarko, / dok nam se seja s rodom i ljubi, / s rodom i ljubi, s majkom podeli!'" ["'More slowly, more slowly, dear bright sun, / until our dear sister and family have kissed each other, / have kissed each other, and she has ...


Spatial Plan of Montenegro

I Title of the document: Spatial Plan of Montenegro Until 2020 Ordering party: Ministry of Economic Development (Contract No. 01/367/2/02, 9 th December 2007) Contractor: 'Montenegroinûenjering', Podgorica Technical support: GTZ German Technical Cooperation Elaboration: 'Montenegroinûenjering ...


ANode Splitting Technique for Two Level Network Design ...

ANode Splitting Technique for Two Level Network Design Problems with Transition Nodes Stefan Gollowitzer, Luis Gouveiaand Ivana Ljubi´c Abstract TheTwo Level Network Design (TLND) problem arises when local broadband access networks are planned in areas, where no existing infrastructure can be ...



... Yugoslavia since 1991 Case No.: Date: Original: IT*03*67*R77.1 11 September 2008 ENGLISH French * * * IN TRIAL CHAMBER III Before: Judge Jean-Claude Antonetti, Presiding Judge Frederik Harhoff Judge Flavia Lattanzi, Pre-Trial Judge Registrar: Mr Hans Holthuis Judgement of: 11 September 2008 IN THE MATTER OF LJUBI[A ...


ZI MA 2009. /10. À la carte jelovnik

JU HE SOUPS Plodovi jeseni Krem juha od kestena, praline s kestenom Autumn pickings A French press of chestnuts, chestnut praline ————-----Ljubi*asti luk Krem juha s komadi*ima ljubi*astog luka, Oûujsko pivo i doma*i cheddar Red onions Red onion cream with pieces, Oûujsko and farm house cheddar ...


Solving the Prize-Collecting Steiner Tree Problem to Optimality

Solving the Prize-Collecting Steiner Tree Problem to Optimality Ivana Ljubi´ c ⁄ Ren´ eWeiskircher † Ulrich Pferschy ‡ Gunnar Klau † Petra Mutzel † Matteo Fischett i § Abstract The Prize-Collecting Steiner Tree Problem (PCST) on a graph with edge costs and vertex profits asks for a ...


Exact and Memetic Algorithms for Two Network Design Problems

eingereicht an der Technische Universit¨at Wien Fakult¨at fur Informatik¨ von Mag. Ivana Ljubi´c Matrikelnummer 0027118 Ospelgasse 17/7/1, 1200 Wien


Olentangy Liberty Swimming & Diving Team Records

... 200 I.M. Ashley Specht 2:08.37 2009 200 I.M. Dmitry Dolgov 2: 02.94 2009-----50 Free Ashley Specht 24.44 2009 50 Free Steven Ljubi 23.54 2006 ...


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