Lifeguard I Certification Requirements Division of Environmental Health & Protection (502) 574 - 6650 Permit issued by the Division is valid for one (1) year Persons 16 years old with no physical or mental limitations ...


LIFEGUARD 100 SINGLE & THREE-PHASE UL943 CLASS A LISTED GROUND FAULT CIRCUIT INTERRUPTER Product Description The BENDER LIFEGUARD 100 Single & Three-Phase GFCI extends the capability of standard ground fault circuit interrupters to the detection of ground leakage currents in all stages of power ...

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Modern production equipment depends on electricity, which inherently adds the potential danger of electric shock whenever personnel come in close contact with these electrical devices, especially in or around water.

United States Lifeguarding Standards Coalition

United States Lifeguard Standards Page 6 of 67 January 2011 Establishment of the Coalition In 2005, the three groups formally announced a plan to establish guidelines for lifeguarding and water safety.


1. Only those persons currently trained as BSA Aquatics Instructor or as BSA Lifeguard Instructor may train the completion of BSA Lifeguard requirements.

City of San Diego

City of San Diego Lifeguard Tryouts For Summer 2012 Come Tryout! Starting at $ 16.23/hr. Swim 500 Meters in 10 minutes or less on one of the dates listed below.

A United States Lifesaving Association Publication

The women of the Regional Lifeguard competition head our for the first leg of the 'Ironman' event, which includes rowing their Ski Skate around a series of flags several hundreds of yards out in the water.

WD Data Lifeguard Tools User Manual

WD Data Lifeguard Tools User Manual Information furnished by WD is believed to be accurate and reliable; however, no responsibility is assumed by WD for its use nor for any infringement of patents or other rights of third parties which may result from its use.


For simplicity, the term 'lifeguard' has been used throughout this appendix. Box A.1 outlines an example of requirements of a lifeguard, while Box A.2 gives an example of a lifeguard staffi ng approach.

Lifeguard Effectiveness: A Report of the Working Group

Lifeguard Effectiveness: A Report of the Working Group Editors: Christine M. Branche, Ph.D. Steven Stewart, M.S. Division of Unintentional Injury Prevention National Center for Injury Prevention and Control Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Department of Health and Human Services

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