Monocular Occlusion Cues Alter the Influence ofTerminator ...

MONOCULAR OCCLUSION CUES AND MOTION 1 Monocular Occlusion Cues Alter the Influence ofTerminator Motion in the Barber Pole Phenomenon LARS LIDÉN & ENNIO MINGOLLA Department of Cognitive and Neural Systems and Center for Adaptive Systems Boston University 677 Beacon St. Boston, MA 02215 11/26/97 ...

Attention Deficit Disorder

Because Dr Liden, our Medical Director, is a national expert in evaluating and treating attention problems, we see people across the lifespan and from across the country.

Robert C. Liden

VITA July, 2009 Robert C. Liden Department of Managerial Studies, MC 243 University of Illinois at Chicago 601 S. Morgan Chicago, IL 60607-7123 (312) 996-0529; E-mail: [email protected] FAX (312) 996-3559 Education Postdoctoral "Managerial Responses to Subordinate Poor Performance" Research ...

Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes

One of the keys to leader-member relationships is to understand how the relationship develops from the initial interaction through the early stages of the relationship ( Liden, Wayne, &Stilwell, 1993 ).


Liden, R.C., Wayne, S.J., & Kraimer, M.L. (2001). Managing individual performance in work groups. Human Resource Management, 40, 63-72. Yoder-Heneman Human Resource Management Research Award for an empirical study titled "Task Interdependence as a Moderator of the Relation Between Group Control and ...

Stirling Energy Systems – Solar Dish Stirling Systems Report

Solar Dish Stirling Systems Report For NREL CSP Technology Workshop March 7, 2007 Stirling Energy Systems – Solar Dish Stirling Systems Report

Pay Attention

I hope and pray that this latest edition can positively affect some of the millions of individuals around the world whose lives are touched by ADD. Craig B. Liden, MD April 2006

Poster TITLE Relationships of LMX with Its Antecedents and ...

Dienesch and Liden (1986) suggested that LMX entails varying amounts of three "currencies of exchange" that fit the definition of mutuality: task-related behavior (labeled contribution ), loyalty to each other (labeled loyalty ), and simply liking one another (labeled affect ).

Hu, J. Current Vita Page 1

Hu, J., Wang, Z., Liden, R. C., & Sun, J. Leader core self-evaluation and transformational leadership. Jiang, K., Lepak, D. P., Hu, J., & Baer, J.

LMX Multidimensionality 1

A multidimensional scale (the SLMX-MDM) of supervisor LMX was developed based on Liden and Maslyn's (1998) multidimensional subordinate LMX scale (the LMX-MDM).

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