LANDFORMS ALL AROUND Grade Level or Special Area : 2 nd Grade Written by : Lucile Arnusch, Trinity Lutheran School, Greeley, CO Length of Unit : Seven lessons and a Culminating Activity over eleven days, approximately sixty minutes each I. ABSTRACT In this geography-based lesson on landforms ...


Landforms (Final Project - Lesson Plan) Name : Angela Peoples School : Gulfcoast SDA School E-mail Address : [email protected] Title : Our Country's Landforms Subject: Social Studies Intended Grade Levels : 2-4 Description: In this lesson, students in grades 2-4 will learn about the many diverse ...

Landforms, Water, and Natural Resources

Landforms, Water, and Natural Resources • 63 core mantle magma plate tectonics continental drift rift valleys abyssal plains continental shelves trench folds DEFINE faults weathering sediment erosion glaciers plateau alluvial fan delta Forces below Earth's Surface Geology—the study ofEarth's ...


Landforms A landform is a natural feature of the land's surface. Landforms can present unique challenges and opportunities to the people living near them.


Vol. 34 August 1988 No. 3 SCENIC LANDFORMS OF VIRGINIA Harry Webb. Virginia has a wide variety of scenic landforms, such as mountains, waterfalls, gorges, islands, water and wind gaps, caves, valleys, hills, and cliffs.

Lesson Plans for Grades 2

... Landforms by Elizabeth Raum-Earth's Land and Water by Bonnie Beers and Gail Suanders-Smith-Land by Emma Nathan •Copies of the "Name That Landform" worksheet •Chart paper •Markers •White construction paper •Pencils •Images of landforms •Large sheets of paper •Writing paper ...

Teacher's Guide

Page 2 1-800-453-8481 Visual Learning Company Landforms The purchase of this video program entitles the user the right to reproduce or duplicate, in whole or in part, this teacher's guide and the black line master handouts for the purpose of teaching in conjunction with this video, Landforms .


Name _____ Landforms Directions: Cut out the riddles. Match the riddle with the picture of each landform. Glue the riddle next to the correct picture.

Landform Regions of the United States

Landform Regions of the United States. SCIENCE EXPLORER Earth Science © P rentice-Hall, Inc. 21 Landform Regions of the United States. 22 Exploring Landforms SCIENCE EXPLORER Earth Science © P rentice-Hall, Inc. Plains Mountains Plateaus

Landforms of Illinois

Illinois State Museum Geology Online - Landforms of Illinois Grade Level: 5 - 6 Purpose: To introduce primary landforms of Illinois and how they were formed.

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