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The Observers' Paradox: Apparent Computational Complexity in ...

The Observers' Paradox: Apparent Computational Complexity in Physical Systems John F. Kolen and Jordan B. Pollack To appear Summer 1994 in The Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Artificial Intellignce Running Head: The Observers' Paradox August 15, 1993 Laboratory for Artificial ...


Course Description

Kolen, M.J., & Whitney, D.R. (1982). Comparison of four procedures for equating the tests of General Educational Development. Journal of Educational Measurement, 19(4), 279-293.


Interval Estimation for True Scores Under Various Scale ...

In recent years, some procedures have been developed for estimating conditional SEMs for scale scores (Brennan & Lee, 1997, 1999; Feldt & Qualls, 1998; Kolen, Hanson, & Brennan, 1992; Kolen & Wang, 1998; Kolen, Zeng, & Hanson, 1996; Wang, Kolen, & Harris, 2000).


Statistical Equating Methods

Although there are manybenets of equating forms using IRT, non-IRT equating can often beasimplerand more practical alternative, one which involves fewer and less demanding assumptions (for further discussion see Kolen&Brennan, 2004; Livingston, 2004).


A Unified Approach to Linear Equating for the Non-Equivalent ...

linear equating method (Braun & Holland, 1982; Kolen & Brennan, 1995). In order to emphasize this unity, we focus on the matrix form of the SEEs, (21) below, rather than on the sum form, as did Kolen (1985) and Hanson et al. (1993).


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Graduate Student Advisory Committee Minutes for October 26 ...

Student Co-Chairs: Brad Brossman & Anthony Fina Faculty Advisors: Michael Kolen, Kathleen Banks, & Toni Stroter


ETS Research Report No. RR-10-06

This equating design is known as the common item nonequivalent groups design (Kolen & Brennan, 2004). There are two widely used equating methods under the common item nonequivalent groups design (i.e., the post-stratification equating method, or PSE, and chained equating method, or CE).


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