Paper Keywords and Abstracts/Introductions

Paper Keywords and Abstracts/Introductions This file lists some brief information about the papers very briefly. Unlike the files containing the actual papers, this file is searchable.


August 17,2010 11: 11 GeophysicalJourna lInternational gji2521-Keywords List Keywords Authors are requested to choose keywords from the list below to describe their work.

Keywords: A Memorization Strategy

The Savvy Teacher's Guide: Reading Interventions That Work Jim Wright ( 28 Keywords: A Memorization Strategy Description: In this mnemonic (memorization) technique, students select the central idea of a passage and summarize it as a 'keyword'.

Keywords: acoustics, Cassini, environmental test, solar ...

CASSINI ENVIRONMENTAL TEST AND ANALYSIS PROGRAM SUMMARY Alan R. Hoffman Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology and John Forgrave EER Systems Corporation Keywords: acoustics, Cassini, environmental test, solar thermal vacuum, pyrotechnic. shock, electromagnetic ...

Tuning Your Resume to the Right Keywords

Page 2 Tuning Your Resume to the Right Keywords RESUME K EYWORDS: THEY'RE BUZZWORDS that identify an industry or a profession. They're also the currency of the job search.

Keywords: Hebrew, Israel, Basic Linguistic Theory ...

Melilah 2006/2 p.1 COMPARATIVE CONSTRUCTIONS IN 'ISRAELI HEBREW' • • • • Ghil'ad Zuckermann * ABSTRACT 'Hebrew' is one of the official languages - with Arabic and English - of the State of Israel, established in 1948 on 20,770 km 2 in the 'Middle' East.


KEYWORDS: construction; design (structural); education; precast concrete; prestressed con- crete. ABSTRACT: Prestressed concrete, an industry with a growing annual sales volume of over

KeyWords SmartApplet User's Guide

iv KeyWords User's Guide Using AlphaSmart Manager 2 with KeyWords..... 39 KeyWords options in AlphaSmart Manager 2..... 40 Chapter 4 Teacher Preparation and Resources ..... 45 Materials for handouts and transparencies ...

Organize Your Photo Collection with Keywords

Getting your photo collection organized is a breeze with Paint Shop Photo Album. By assigning keywords to your photos you can create your own photo-organization system in minutes.

Keywords: Energy; Hardwood products; Energy efficiency ...

PEER-REVIEWED ARTICLE Espinoza et al. (2011). “Energy & HW lumber, Pt. 1,” BioResources 6(4), 3883-3898. 3883 ENERGY AND THE US HARDWOOD INDUSTRY – PART I:

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