Health Advisory and Safe Eating Guidelines for San Francisco ...

JACKSMELT Fifteen composite samples of jacksmelt were collected in 2000 from Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco Waterfront, San Pablo Bay, and the South Bay (three composite samples per location).



Sufficient numbers of fish were collected to provide consumption advice for barracuda, barred sand bass, black croaker, corbina, California halibut, California scorpionfish (also known as "sculpin"), jacksmelt, kelp bass, opaleye, Pacific chub mackerel, queenfish, rockfishes, sardines, sargo ...



Species Peak Months Surfperch October -June Striped Bass April -September California Halibut May -August Jacksmelt April -August Night/Surf Smelt February -August Peak months for some favorite species in Central California.


Analysis of dioxin-like compound in fish tissue from San ...

Median TEQ and ITEQ for fish composite samples collected in SF Bay 2000 Species Species White croaker Shiner surfperch Striped bass Jacksmelt Number of Number of fish per TEQ DF composites composite* (dioxins and furans) 14 5 1.6 6.7 8 20 1.4 6.4 9 3 0.2 1.2 1 5 0.2 NA TEQ DFP (dioxins, furans, and PCBs) Approximately 80% of total ...


Common Subsistence and Sport Fish of Southern California

... Size: 10 inches * Barred surfperch * Black perch Pacific (Chub) mackerel * Shovelnose guitarfish * Spotfin croaker * Barred sandbass Legal Size: 12 inches Queenfish * California corbina * White seabass Legal Size: 28 inches * Black croaker * California halibut Legal Size: 22 inches * Yellowfin croaker Jacksmelt ...


Marshes & Mudflats Habitat Program

SMELT: Topsmelt or Jacksmelt Description: Smelt are long, silvery and torpedo shaped fish. They have a small mouth located at the front of their body.


cA-mrn-44/H, Angel ISlAnd , c , c

Surfperch, jacksmelt, and rockfish co-dominate at SFR-04/H. Herrings/sardines/ anchovies are somewhat common, and salmon, along with sharks, rays, sturgeon, and plainfin midshipman, are relatively rare.


REEF-Selected Fish Species (Southern California)

Surfperch, Shiner Surfperch Surfperch, Walleye Surfperch Flatfish, Unidentified Flatfish Surfperch, Pile Perch Silverside, Jacksmelt Rockfish, Olive Rockfish


But What Fish Can I Eat?

Croaker (Atlantic) 0.065 Butterfish 0.058 Anchovies 0.017 Shad (American) 0.045 Crawfish 0.033 Crab 0.065 Catfish 0.025 Flounder 0.056 Clams 0.009 Sole 0.056 Trout 0.071 Jacksmelt 0.081 Whiting 0.051 Herring 0.084 Hake 0.079 Haddock (Atlantic) 0.055 Plaice 0.056 Tilapia 0.013 Pollock 0.031 ...


Edited extracts from a talk by Drew Talley, March 25, 1998

Topsmelt are more commonly found in the flat marsh habitats than jacksmelt, but what they share in common is that they both tend to spawn in wetland habitats. Topsmelt feed on small floating animals in the water, as well as algae, and jacksmelt will eat small fish.


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