Physician NDC Code Provider Update - June 2011

Physician NDC Code Provider Update - June 2011 . Effective with claims process after April 1, 2011, the Kentucky Medicaid Program added the coverage of J3590 with NDC 50242006001 or 50242006101 for a flat rate of $61.87.


Providence OHP & Commercial Plans Pharmacy Medical Services ...

J3590. Corifact (Factor XIII) J9999. Erwinaze (asparaginase Erwinia chrysanthmi) J3590. Eylea (alfilbercept) J7309. Metvixia (Methylaminolevulinate HCL)


Policy Name Self-Administered Drugs

Self-Administered Drugs Policy Page 1 of 2 Policy Name Self-Administered Drugs Summary Self-Administered Drugs are covered as described under a member's pharmacy benefit, subject to formulary status and applicable utilization management parameters.


Bevacizumab (Avastin®) - Medicare Part B Coding for Off ...

Medicare Carrier Part B HCPCS Code Units ICD-9 Codes that Support Medical Necessity Instructions Palmetto GBA www.palmettogba. com/medicare California, Hawaii, Nevada North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia J3590 1 362.01 Background diabetic retinopathy 362.02 Proliferative diabetic ...


Pharmacy HCPCS Codes Prior Authorization List - Commercial ...

J0587 Myobloc (botulinum toxin type B) J0220 Myozyme (alglucosidase alfa) J1458 Naglazyme (galsulfase) J7189 Novoseven (antihemophilic factor VIIa) ICORE J2796 Nplate (romiplostim) J3590/C9286 Nulojix (belatacept) J0129 Orencia (atabacept) J7324 Orthovisc (hyaluronan) C9256/J7312 ...


XOLAIR® (Omalizumab) J3590, S0107

An Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama XOLAIR ® (Omalizumab) J3590, S0107 PRO-202 (Rev. 2-2006) PATIENT Patient's Name Blue Cross Contract Number City StateZip Code Patient's Street Address City StateZip Code Provider Number ...


Physician Drug Program Procedure Codes And Rates

***J3590 Alglucosidase alfa, 10 mg, injection (Lumizyme) $145.74 $145.74 5/25/2010 ***J7308 Aminolevulinic acid HCI for topical admin. 20% single unit dosage form (354 mg)


National Drug Code Now Required for Certain Non-Oral Drugs

The affected HCPC codes are as follows: J0120, J0190, J0200, J0275, J0390, J0395, J0520, J0704, J0710, J0900, J1056, J1060, J1320, J1330, J1452, J1565, J1675, J1700, J1710, J1810, J1850, J1890, J2180, J2460, J2650, J2670, J2810, J2910, J2950, J2995, J3140, J3280, J3350, J3490, J3590, J7199, J7319, J7599 ...


the Conundrum

This proactive step can negate the need to submit drug invoices. noC Pricing file For oncology practices, the NOC Drug Pricing File details drugs that currently are billed using a miscellaneous code, such as J3490, J3590, or J9999.


National Drug Code Implementation, December 28, 2007 and July ...

Currently, N.C. Medicaid requires claims with HCPCS codes J2353, J3490, J3590, and J9999 to be submitted on paper with an invoice. Upon the implementation of the NDC project, invoices will no longer be required when billing J2353, J3490, J3590, or J9999 if only one NDC is submitted per detail.


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