Multifractal Detrended Fluctuation Analysis of Sunspot Time ...

Keyboard: New applications of statistical mechanics I. INTRODUCTION The important feature of the sun'souter regions is the ex-istenceofa reasonably strong magnetic field.

Left ventricular diastolic dysfunction: an early sign of ...

However, the ex-istenceofa primary myocardial disease, "diabeticcardiomy-opathy", has been proposed as evidence has accumulated for the presence of myocardial dysfunction in diabetic patients in the absence o f ischemic, valvular or hypertensive heart disease[2-8].

Long-Range Correlations in Genomic DNA: A Signature of the ...

In Fig. 2(b) are reported the wavelet coefficientpdfs of the E. coli Pnucbending profile that corroborate the ex-istenceofa crossover scale between two different mono-fractal scaling regimes characterized by H 0.5060.02 and H 0.8060.05, respectively.


Revision status, the ex-istenceofa centralized database, the designation of a person or committee to coordinate plan implementation, the parties involved in drafting the plan, and those designated as responsible for implementing recovery tasks are also significant factors in determining recovery plan ...

I. Introduction.

Thenonmovants must show more than the"mere ex istenceofa scintilla of evidence"for elements on which they bear the burden of product ion. Anderson v.

Reverse Engineering of Design Patterns from Java Source Code

Thus, when such information is obtained from the bottom-up search, even partially, FUJABA assumes the ex-istenceofa possible pattern and tries to complete the rest ofthesearch—i.e., the top-down search—to confirm that such a pattern actually exists.

Pseudo-Triangulations on Closed Surfaces

Notice that F´ arynotonlyshows the ex-istenceofa straight line embedding, but also that it can be done so that no edges cross. A graph that can be embedded in this way is called a planar graph.

Strain Engineering of Graphene'sElectronic Structure

Although the electric field effect is impressive ingraphene[ 2 ], the ex-istenceofa minimum of conductivity poses a seriou s obstacle towards desirable on/off ratios.

The B36/S125"2x2"Life-Like Cellular Automaton

Although it exhibits high-level behaviour that is similar to Life, such as chaotic but stable evolution, and the ex-istenceofa natural diagonal glider, the individual objects that the rule contains generally look verydierent from their Life counterparts.

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... in location, patient age, radiographic appearance, and certain histologic features have led many to bel ieve that OFDand AD are related lesions. 3,7-14 More recent descriptions of an intermediate lesion, known as dif-ferentiatedADorOFD-like AD, prov ide further evidence for the likely ex-istenceofa ...

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