Motivational interviewing Janet Treasure

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U.S. Department of State Office of Civil Service Personnel Management Bureau of Human Resources Career Development Resource Center 1 Interviewing The telephone rings.

Investigative Interviewing: Strategies and Techniques

Investigative Interviewing: Strategies and Techniques Page 1 The Interview: Getting Started Interviews versus Interrogations Investigative interviewing is an essential aspect of the investigative process for patrol officers, loss prevention agents detectives ...

Interviewing, Counseling Skills and Strategies for Behavior ...

This chapter discusses the use of interviewing and counseling for providing prenatal nutrition services to pregnant adolescents. By taking into account the developmental and cultural aspects of adolescence and the unique concerns of pregnancy, interviewing and counseling techniques can be ...

Interviewing Tips

Interviewing Tips A job interview can be described as a mutual "exchange of information" because it provides the candidate with an opportunity to both gain information about the department and position, and to discuss his/her own skills, and career goals in relation to the job.

Using Structured Interviewing Techniques

Preface GAO assists congressional decisionmakers in their deliberative process by furnishing analytical information on issues and options under consideration.


INTERVIEWING Coastal Carolina University Career Services Center PURPOSE OF AN INTERVIEW A common misconception about interviewing is that it is a one-sided process…..that the primary purpose of an interview is for an employer to evaluate a candidate to determine whether or not they want to ...

Pre-Treatment Program - Curriculum Guide: Motivational ...

Pre-Treatment Program Curriculum Guide: Motivational Interviewing Carla Dvoracek July 2007

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Cognitive Interviewing A "How To" Guide

ii PREFACE This guide is based on the document "Cognitive Interviewing and Questionnaire Design: A Training Manual," by Gordon Willis (Working Paper #7, National Center for Health Statistics, March 1994).

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