Getting Started with vSphere Command-Line Interfaces

Getting Started with vSphere Command-Line Interfaces ESXi 5.0 vCenter Server 5.0 This document supports the version of each product listed and supports all subsequent versions until the document is replaced by a new edition.

Designing Gestural Interfaces

Preface For the past several years, I've been learning to play the cello. As any adult who has ever tried to learn a musical instrument—especially a fretless stringed ins trument—can tell you, it's painfully hard.

User Interface Design for Games

Introduction: User Interface Design for Games Desirable Properties of User Interfaces for Game Software Software for Work versus Software for Fun Creative vs. Instrumental Work Fun vs. Instrumental Aspects of Computer Games Wrong Ideas about Usability in Games Usability is a Scientific and ...

Display Interfaces Overview

2 Introduction Concerns over image quality, the near-complete replacement of the CRT by LCDs and other new display technologies, and growing concerns over content protection are prompting significant changes in display interface technology.

ScreenLogic® Interfaces

Introduction To give your customers the latest in user-friendly, multi-functional pool and spa control options, and capture a larger share of the growing pool automation market, rely on IntelliTouch ® and EasyTouch ® systems with ScreenLogic ® interfaces.

working with C# interfaces

29 February 2004 ;login: ● P ROGRAMMING working with C# interfaces Suppose that you're doing some C programming and have a list of numbers to sort in descending order.


Powertrain Controls Standards Revision 5.6 Dated 10/01/10 Uncontrolled When Printed Latest Version Available Online Page 1 of 61 User Interfaces Section 08

Creating Graphical User Interfaces

1 Getting Started with GUIDE 1-4 GUIDE To olset The following links provide more information on the full set of GUIDE development tools. • Layout Editor - add and arrange objects in the figure window.

Configuring PortShieldTM Interfaces

1 Configuring PortShield Interfaces Configuring PortShield TM Interfaces Document Scope This document provides a feature overview and deployment configuration examples on configuring the SonicWALL Portshield Interface feature.

Interfaces and the .NET Framework

315 EIGHTEEN Interfaces and the .NET Framework I n the previous chapter we saw how useful interfaces can be in specifying contracts for our own classes.

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