Information Assurance Technology Analysis Center

CASTING THE INFORMATION NET IATAC is DoD's institution for collecting, analyzing, and disseminating scientific and technical information (STI) related to all aspects of information assurance (IA), defensive information operations (DIO), and defensive information warfare (DIW) technologies.


IA newsletter

Sensitive Data Anonymization Removing Security through Obscurity from Software Watermarking Vulnerability Analysis of J2ME CLDC Security A Survey of Graphical Passwords IATAC Spotlight on Education: Georgia State University IATAC Spotlight on Research: Professor Ying Zhu also inside 9/2 Volume 9 ...


Defense in Depth (DiD)

Volume 9 Number 3 • Fall 2006 IA newsletter The Newsletter for Information Assurance Technology Professionals Generating Policies for Defense in Depth (DiD) A Virtual Environment for Safe Vulnerability Assessment (VA) Black Hat and DEFCON Efficient Path Authentication for Border Gateway ...


I A n ew s l e t t e r

He may be reached at [email protected] Mr. Richard Phares is a member of the IATAC, and designs, develops, and executes Information Opera t i o n s wargames for various clients.


05 Goertzel-1130a-12p ICT_Supply_Chain_Assurance_SOAR-031210

ICT Supply Chain Assurance: An IATAC State-of-the-Art Report 05 Goertzel-1130a-12p ICT_Supply_Chain_Assurance_SOAR-031210


Distribution Statement C

Configuration Management • Critical Review & Technology Assessment (CR/TA) Report IATACInformation Assurance Technology Analysis Center Please take 30 seconds to tell us how we could improve our products.


SOAR on Software Security Assurance 1

by the Information Assurance Technology Analysis Center (IATAC) at http://iac.dtic.mil/iatac/download/ security.pdf represents an output of collaborative efforts of organizations and individuals in the SwA Forum


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... Some of Our US Government Customers-Department of Defense •Air Force, Army, Marine Corps •Navy (including SPAWAR) - Department of Homeland Security - Department of Health and Human Services - Department of Justice - Internal Revenue Service  SPAWAR Contracting Vehicles - MBOSS (Prime) - IATAC ...


Information Assurance (IA) Implementation

Establish and maintain the Information Assurance Support Environment (IASE) according to DoD Directive 8500.1 (reference (a)) and the Information Assurance Technology Analysis Center (IATAC) according to DoD Directive 3200.12.


IA Metrics – Why And How To Measure Goodness Of Information ...

2 2 IA Metrics/Performance Management is a recently established discipline!Information Assurance Technology Analysis Center (IATAC) IA Metrics Report, May 2000


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