FCM -Fast Concept Modeller©

CAAV5 Adopter FCM -Fast Concept Modeller© Fast Parametric Concept Model Development with Direct Interfacing to CAE using Altair HyperMesh Batch Meshing and Batch Assembling Thomas Schmid ForceFive AG, München


Altair HyperMesh Tutorials

HyperMesh 5.0 Tutorials Altair Engineering 1 HyperMesh Tutorials All files referenced in the HyperMesh tutorials are located in the HyperWorks installation directory under /tutorials/hm/.


Resume - Kava Crosson-Elturan

... Analyst Level II É Worked on 25 projects at Boeing (both commercial and defense) leading to 3 pending US patents É Performed nonlinear Finite Element Analysis (FEA) including material characterisation, interpretation of loading and results and correlation to test data using Abaqus, LS-Dyna, Hypermesh ...



NASTRAN- xMG supports common pre- and post-processors including: MSC.Patran, Femap, I-deas and HyperMesh. www.macnealgroup.com No Legacy Data Conversion Improved Element Technology Industrial Strength Solution Capabilities


Efficient Modelling and Post Processing of Spot Welded ...

Translation of the model from Nastran to LS-Dyna * We use MSC.Nastran for quasi-static analysis and LS-Dyna for crash analysis * Same mesh used for quasi-static and crash scenarios * Procedure for translation: - "Unrealize"connectors from Nastran model - Switch solver settings in HyperMesh to LS-Dyna - ...


The Structural Shape Topology Optimization Applied to ...

11/20 Analysis First Stage post-processing and Second Stage Preparation The iso-surface of the so obtained structure was then post-processed and transformed into a geometry definition file… …and the re-imported into HyperMesh, meshed and reloaded with the same set of loads and constraints.


MSC.Marc New Features Guide, Version 2000

Introduction Benefits of the New Features 14 MSC.Marc New Features Guide Chapter 13: HyperMesh Results Interface With Marc, a new facility is introduced to provide a HyperMesh results file for postprocessing Marc results using HyperMesh.


Modeling of a Commuter Category Aircraft Seat

HyperMesh organizes everything in groups called collectors. A HyperMesh file may contain any number of collectors, but all things must belong to one of these groups.


Effective Design and Engineering Solutions for Today's ...

... Proficiency with the most effective industrial design and engineering tools • Industrial Design: Rhino 3D, Corel Painter, Solid Works Z-Corp Scanner 700*, Adobe Creative Suite 2 • Mechanical Engineering: Ideas, CATIA V5, Unigraphics, SolidWorks • Engineering Analysis: LS-DYNA, HyperWorks, Hypermesh ...


nCode DesignLife™ 7

... Life (EN) • Dang Van • Spot Weld • Seam Weld • Vibration Fatigue • Virtual Strain Gauge correlation tool • Crack Growth linear fracture mechanics • Python scripting for customization • Additional processing threads for parallel processing • Results Output Output results to Abaqus .odb, Hypermesh ...


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