Tropical Cyclones

Hurricane Earl, September 1, 2010/NOAA Tropical Cyclones A PREPAREDNESS GUIDE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Weather Service Revised March 2011


Irene By the Numbers

1 Irene By the Numbers 8/31/11 The Storm Itself Irene was the first hurricane to hit the United States since Hurricane Ike struck Texas in September 2008.

Tropical Cyclone Report Hurricane Alex (AL012010) 25 June-2 ...

1 Tropical Cyclone Report Hurricane Alex (AL012010) 25 June-2 July 2010 Richard J. Pasch National Hurricane Center 15 December 2010 Alex, one of the most intense June tropical cyclones in the Atlantic basin record, made landfall in northeastern Mexico as a strong Category 2 hurricane.

Pronunciation of Storm Names

Pronunciation of Storm Names Atlantic Names The following information is taken from Chapter 3 of the National Hurricane Operations Plan. 2011 Arlene ar-LEEN


New York City Office of Emergency Management Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor READY NEW YORK HURRICANES AND NEW YORK CITY cover photography: Jonathan Gaska, Queens CB 14 COASTAL STORM TERMS Hurricane Season June 1 to November 30 * Tropical Cyclone An organized rotating weather system that develops in ...

Hurricane Basics

Hurricane Basics For More Information Websites: NOAA - National Hurricane Center - National Hurricane Center Public Affairs (305) 229-4404 National Weather Service Public Affairs (301) 713-0622 May 1999


FORECAST OF ATLANTIC SEASONAL HURRICANE ACTIVITY AND LANDFALL STRIKE PROBABILITY FOR 2011 We have maintained our forecast from early April and early June and continue to call for a very active Atlantic basin hurricane season in 2011 due to an expected favorable Atlantic and neutral ENSO conditions.

Notice N-11-8:9/11:Announcement Regarding Hurricane Irene,n118

September 2011 Important Notice W A Harriman Campus, Albany NY 12227 N-11-8 New York State Department of Taxation and Finance Announcement Regarding Hurricane Irene President Barack H. Obama has declared certain counties in New York State to be disaster areas as a result of ...


Weather: Hurricanes ©2004-2009 THE HURRICANE Terrance looked out the window. The sky was dark and full of storm clouds. The clouds were moving in circles.

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