What is a Human?

What is a human? Toward psychological benchmarks in the field of human-robot interaction Peter H. Kahn, Jr., Hiroshi Ishiguro, Batya Friedman, Takayuki Kanda, Nathan G. Freier, Rachel L. Severson and Jessica Miller University of Washington / Osaka University and Advanced Telecommunications ...

baseLOGOS Genome front cover

 Page ES‐1 of 7 This report aims to fill a gap in the literature regarding the Human Genome Project by assessing its economic and

Human Factors

14-1 Human Factors Chapter 14 Introduction Why are human conditions, such as fatigue, complacency, and stress, so important in aviation maintenance?

Human Mating Strategies

Perhaps no adaptive domain is more central to reproduction than mating. Those in our evolutionary past who failed to mate failed to become ancestors.

Human Trafficking: The Government's Strategy

2 Human Trafficking: The Government's Strategy Contents Foreword by the Home Secretary ..... 3 Chapter 1 - Background on trafficking ..... 5 Chapter 2 - Our response to combating human trafficking ...

The Human Genome Project (excerpt)

Chapter 8 The Human Genome Project Table of Contents What is a genome? 3 What was the Human Genome Project and why has it been important? 4 What were the goals of the Human Genome Project? 5

Human Resources and Education

2 Human Resources and Education Functional Leadership Plan For 2010 INTRODUCTION This document establishes the human resources strategies necessary to support management of NASA as outlined in the NASA Strategic Plan and NASA Strategic Management Handbook.

Aviation Human Factors Research in U.S. Universities ...

1 Aviation Human Factors Research in U.S. Universities: Potential Contributions to National Needs R. Key Dismukes NASA Ames Research Center SUMMARY Universities can and should make vital contributions to national needs in aviation human factors.


The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation would like to present the Tennessee Human Sex Trafficking Study: The Impact on Children and Youth 2011.

Human Adaptations

Evolution of Human Adaptations •Humans face basically the same adaptive challenges as all organisms •But humans are unique in having most of their adaptations transmitted culturally-Culture has a biological basis: imitativeness, sociability, inventiveness-Cultural adaptations built up ...

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