CHIMICHURRI STEAK INGREDIENTS Serves 8 CHIMICHURRI SAUCE I cup extra-virgin olive oil 2 tablespoons lemon juice 2 tablespoons chopped garlic I bunch parsley I tablespoon kosher salt I tablespoon crushed red pepper flakes STEAKS 4 (14-ounce) ribeye steaks at room temperature granulated garlic to ...


Warm Croissant & Marmalade Butter Fresh Fruit Plate with ...

and Hollandaise ~ Wild Mushroom and Cheese with Hollandaise ~ Broccoli and Cheese with Hollandaise ~ Denver with Ham, Peppers, Onions, Cheese & Hollandaise


Egg-Straordinary omelettes

EggS BLACKSToNE An English muffin topped with grilled tomatoes, two medium poached eggs, creamy Hollandaise, a baked bacon crunch & chives. vEggiE BENEdiCT An English muffin smothered in sautéed fresh spinach leaves, mushrooms, ...


Hollandaise Sauce

Hollandaise Sauce Code Description Shelf Life Pack UPC/SSC Code 4025 Hollandaise - Heat n' Serve Liquid Heat Stable 6 months 6 x 1 kg Bag 1 00 69481 04024 7 3911 Mount Lehman Road, Abbotsford BC, V4X 2N1 Canada www.vanderpolseggs.com Ingredients Soya Oil, Canola Oil, Water, Salted Egg Yolk ...


Sauce Hollandaise

SAUCE HOLLANDAISE [Hollandaise Sauce: Egg Yolk and Butter Sauce Flavored with Lemon Juice] Hollandaise sauce is made of warmed egg yolks flavored with lemon juice, into which butter is gradually incorporated to make a thick, yellow, creamy sauce.


& hollandaise - brunch - soup & salad

brunch Eggs BEnEdict two poached eggs & smoked ham on a cheddar scone with home-fried potatoes 13.95 & hollandaise O&B BrEakfast two eggs any style, three slices bacon, two sausages, roasted mushrooms, 13.25


Asparagus Soldiers with soft-boiled egg hollandaise

Page 1 of 2 Recipes Asparagus Soldiers with soft-boiled egg hollandaise Rating added by Every Day to the River Cottage Community 17th May 2011 at 11:32 This is a quick and rather nifty way to enjoy the combination of tender, fresh asparagus and a buttery, eggy sauce without any of the work that ...


Pan-seared Halibut with Dill Hollandaise

Pan-seared Halibut with Dill Hollandaise (serves 8) A 1 cup white wine ¼ cup white wine vinegar 1 small shallot (sliced) 1 tbsp peppercorns 2 bay leaves 2 egg yolks 1 cup clarified butter (simmer and skim off foam until clear) ¼ cup chopped dill ¼ lemon dash Worstershire sauce dash Tabasco to ...


Warm Asparagus, Hollandaise :: 2200

Beluga :: 13000 Ossetra :: 10500 Sevruga :: 10500 Pâté de Foie Gras :: 4400 Pan Seared Goose Liver :: 3800 Natural :: 2800 Breton :: 3000 Norwegian :: 2800 Scottish :: 2800 Escargot De Bourgogne Garlic Parsley Butter :: 3100 Warm Asparagus, Hollandaise :: 2200 Chilled Asparagus, Vinaigrette ...


over easy eggs ladeled with hollandaise. served with brunch ...

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