More on the History of Classification - B.C. ) grouped ...

Herbalists produced manuals of plant types called "herbals." In herbals, plants were organized by their medicinal uses. Linnaeus Devised the Two-Name System


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Welcome Tradition and consistency have created a strong foundation for Wise Woman's whole-herb products and customers appreciate our exceptionally high standards and desire for excellence.


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w beverage plant W aromatic/cosmetic 9 culinary a medical O industrial B poisonous (use with caution) 3 Allheal a Prunella vulgaris P S F E As the name suggests, infusion is effective medi cine for most internal and external wounds due to its astringent action.


Herbals: The Connection Between Horticulture and Medicine ...

1 HortTechnology April-June 13(2): 229-238 Herbals: The Connection Between Horticulture and Medicine Jules Janick Summary. The prehistoric discovery that certain plants cause harm and others have curative powers is the origin of the healing professions and its practitioners (priest, physician ...


Scientists Expose Body Toxin Risks

-1-Traditional African Clinic March 2007 African Traditional Herbal Research Clinic Volume 2, Issue 2 NEWSLETTER March 2007 HUMAN REPRODUCTION I NSIDE T HIS I SSUE 1 Scientists Expose Body Toxin Risks 3 African Spirituality - Christianity, African Religion/Medicine 4 Feature- Dirty Secrets of ...


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Acadia Herbals

Maine Flower Essences Chakra Blends Chakra Balancing Peony, Dandelion, Nasturtium, Yarrow, Basil, Goldenrod, Lemon Lily (one essence for each chakra) Auric Cleansing Nigella, White Yarrow, Self Heal, Lemon Lily Root Chakra (Grounding) Primrose, Calendula, Red Clover, Bee Balm, Blue Flax Sacral ...


For details contact: Margi Flint Telephone: 781 - 631 - 4312 ...

For details contact: Margi Flint Telephone: 781 - 631 - 4312 E-mail: [email protected] Practitioner Days by Margi Flint and Clients When: First Wednesday of each month.


What's happening at Greenwood Herbals in November:

November 2006 I'm still in my cast. The doctor tells me that it will be another four weeks. I have been fretting over putting the gardens to bed.


What's blooming at Greenwood Herbals in June:

June 2007 Things have really been in a whirlwind around here. The last series of Reiki classes were completed with Sharon DeGiovanni. Pat Trotter came down from Vermont for her presentation, which turned out to be a full house!


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