InternatIonal Master´s Degree PrograMMes 2011

3 3 WeLCoMe to tHe UnIVeRsItY oF HeLsInKI C hoosing the University of Helsinki is choosing freedom. Academic freedom to shape your own future and choose among a large number of excellent International Master's Programmes.


3 1 INTRODUCTION The academic year of the University consists of an autumn term (August 1 - December 31) and a spring term (January 1 - July 31). Courses normally start in late August or early September in the autumn and in early January in the spring.

Teachers developing assessment for learning: impact on ...

Assessment in Education, Vol. 11, No. 1, March 2004 Teachers developing assessment for learning: impact on student achievement Dylan Wilia m1 *, Clare Lee 2, Christine Harrison 3 &Paul Black 3 1 Educational Testing Service, NJ, USA; 2 Warwickshire County Council, UK; 3 King'sCollegeLondon, UK ...

Helsinki, Finland

* | Helsinki since Finland declared their independence in 1917, they have become one of the world's wealthiest nations. What was once a predominantly agrarian country, rapidly transformed into a modern industrial urban society.

Helsinki, 21 January 2010 Doc: CA/04/2010

Clarification on the concept of Intermediates under REACH 1 1. Introduction Intermediates are a class of substances for which specific provisions have been laid down under REACH for reasons of workability and because of their special nature (recital 41).

Pamper, indulge and enjoy yourself luxury experiences with a ... BEST OF HELSINKI AWARDS BEST OF HELSINKI AWARDS MOBI offers mobile friendly information about the city. - No applications to install


The Cocoyoc-Declaration (23. October 1974) Thirty years have passed since the signing of the United Nations Charter launched the effort to establish a new international order.

Changing practices: influences on classroom assessment

Assessment in Education Vol. 13, No. 3, November 2006, pp. 239-264 ISSN 0969-594X (print)/ISSN 1465-329X (online)/06/030239-26 © 2006 Taylor & Francis DOI: 10.1080/09695940601035387 Changing practices: influences on classroom assessment Robin D. Tierney* University of Ottawa, Canada The ...


A B C Café ekberg. The historic Café Ekberg is an idyllic establishment in which to enjoy morning coffee and buffet breakfast in the city centre.

How social is the biological clock

What is "baby fever"? Contrasting evolutionary explanations of proceptive behavior How social is the biological clock

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