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Where did you get the spread?

Here at Fallon & Byrne our delicious hamper selection anticipates every big moment in life worth celebrating, Christmas being a particularly good excuse for it.



email address:_____ sponsorship program: æ sponsor agrees to provide hamper for family, is put in contact, obtains info re food preferences, toy(s) children would like. æ sponsor makes all purchases and arranges delivery to family.


Willington Green Deli - Customer Picnic Hamper order form

Willington Green Delicatessen, 5 The Green, Willington, Derby DE65 6BP Telephone 01283 704304 Customer Picnic Hamper Order Form Customer Name Contact No. Collection Date No in party Collection Time QTY CHOICE COST PER UNIT TOTAL COST DRINKS OPTION - Bottled Water/ Cranberry/Elderflower Presse ...


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Health Hazard Evaluaton Report

Page 5 Health Hazard Evaluation Report 2007-0170-3070 i ntRodu Ction (Continued ) Plastic Hamper Cloth Hamper Figure 5. An example of a plastic hamper with netting (left) and a cloth hamper Tubs/Trays Tubs and trays are used to move mail throughout the P&DC (Figure 6).


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from Indesit and Currys

The promoter will not notify consumers who do not receive a hamper. All redemption claims must be received by Indesit Currys Christmas Hamper by last mail on the 9th January 2012.


Laundry Hampers

Material: aluminum, anodized Bag: nylon; Color: black Tilt-out Hamper, with removable bags • Screw-mounts to back of door Depth: 345 mm (13 9/16”)




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