JB's Guitar School Monthly Practice Log

JB's Guitar School Monthly Practice Log A practice log is a very powerful tool... if used properly! It will help cut your learning time dramatically.

Close Up The Honky Tonk: A Look at Pull-Strings

When picking up a B-Bender equipped guitar for the first time, it takes a while to wrap your head around the need to rely on chord shapes instead of familiar modes and scales, ...


M OST CLASSICAL and flamenco guitars are remarkably alike in size and shape, having been more or less standardized in body outline, bridge design, etc., from the middle 1800s on.

Gibson Acoustic Serialization

Of course, many of the older guitar builders and craftsmen were still in Kalamazoo, and if they weren't ready to change how they built guitars, ...

William Kanengiser, guitar

William Kanengiser, guitar Press Tuesday, February 28, 2006 Classical Guitarist By Tim Smith fter the large-scale and weighty issues of Verdi's Requiem, William Kanengiser's recital for the Baltimore Classical Guitar Society provided a welcome balance Saturday night.

GUITAR SHOW W e lcome to Newport Guitar Festival Miami Beach T a ble of Content Welcome to the Newport Guitar Festival in Miami Beach. Musicians and Guitar lovers will recognize many of the world's top guitar-makers (luthiers) and players in this unprecedented gathering in South ...

Syllabus Level I 2012

Teaching Guitar Workshops Syllabus - Level 1 Workshop Site: Date: 3 Graduate Credits: Course Number GSU Workshop Instructors: Taught by members of t he NAfME Guitar Education Team through the generosity of our sponsors: • NAMM (the International Music Products Association) • GAMA (The Guitar ...

David Berkowitz - Berkowitz Guitars

The logical solution is to increase the instrument's scale length. European classical guitar makers have long offered long-necked versions of their nylon-string instruments.

How To Read Guitar Tab

3 Table of Contents: What Is Guitar Tab?.....4 The Bottom Line: Sheet Music vs. Tablature ...

Chord Progressions Primer

the guitar suite .com Chord Progressions Primer THE MAJOR SCALE AND PROGRESSION THEORY If you looked at Theory 1, you've seen how to chords are constructed.

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