Killer Guitar Control Secrets

About this e-book: This is a guide-book that goes with Claude Johnson's instructional video, "Killer Guitar Control Secrets". If you obtained this e-book any other way except buying the video, please inform as at [email protected] com .

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Music Performance — Guitar A.A.S. Degree General Information T he P rogram The Guitar Performance program is designed specifically to provide students with an intensive, yet practical, industry-related education designed to prepare students for a realistic career in the music business.


T AYLOR T ECH S HEET SYMPTOMS OF A DRY GUITAR O R S OLVING THE M YSTER YOF THE S UNKEN N o environmental condition can do more damage to your instrument than low relative humidity (RH).

Learn to play guitar and

Learn to play guitar and record music ... in 2 months GarageBand for Guitar Players – a 9-week course Making real music is more fun than merely “practicing guitar”.


I composed this fingerstyle on an acoustic guitar; you can always try to play it on a classical or electric guitar, add riffs or different substitutions, ... - X GUITAR / FRETTED

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Reading Music on Guitar

Reading Music on Guitar Part I - Standard Notation Primer Music is written on what is called a staff , which consists of five lines and the four spaces between those lines.

Root 5 Chords (Power Chords)

They are popular because the same finger shape can be moved all over guitar. They fit into the category of moveable chords. They contain the root note ...

Guitar Chord Secrets

Guitar Chord Secrets Speed-Learning Secrets of the Pro's © 2007 JB's Guitar School | | PO BOX 4095 • WANGANUI • NEW ZEALAND • PHONE: +64-6-3432316 1 Part 1 NOTE: If you downloaded this book from I suggest you join my Tortoise Guitar blog.


T AYLOR T ECH S HEET USING A GUITAR HUMIDIFIER Q uality acoustic guitars are made from solid wood, and Taylor guitars are built in a controlled environment where the relative humidity is 47 percent.

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