New casegood reflects changing space of the workplace

Contact: Patricia Klein, Communications Manager Page 1/2 1.888 522 2773 New casegood reflects changing space of the workplace Groupe Lacasse unveils Morpheo ™ casegoods for a new generation of office workers.

Groupe Lacasse

Groupe Lacasse Customer Ordering Information Lacasse - 70, 400, 2001, C3, Quorum Multiconference & Morpheo Collection Lacasse Files - Laminate and Steel Lacasse & Lacasse Files - Quick Ship Avenue Casegoods - Options, Notes, Clio, Quad and Arabesque series United Chair Seating ) United Chair ...


A taste for Imagination page42 page43 Partenaire du Groupe HOLDER From its origins back in 1979, (with the opening of stores eventually becoming so frequent and numerous that Francis Holder decided to set up an integrated design office) ...

10.09.22 Acquisition SMC GB

1/1 Press Release September 22, 2010 Crédit du Nord completes Société Marseillaise de Crédit acquisition Crédit du Nord announces the completion of its acquisition of Société Marseillaise de Crédit (SMC) from the BPCE group for a purchase price of EUR 872 million, after the 2009 dividend ...

Key figures

2 I Crédit du Nord Group 2007 proved no exception on previous years, with Crédit du Nord Group once again delivering a sound commercial and financial performance despite the faltering market and economic climate that dominated the second half of the year.

Groupe Zannier

Groupe Zannier Customer servi Ce levels improved and overall supply Chain effiCienCy boosted throu Gh tXtdemand Company profile The €630 million turnover Zannier Group is the current global leader in children's clothing with an impressive 22 brands and 50 million products sold in 2008.

Siebel eConsumer Goods 7—Trade Marketing

The ability for brand owners to consistently plan and execute effective and profitable trade marketing programs continues to represent a difficult and costly challenge.

Coil Winding Mach ine

Optional Data lo g ging We can offer a data loggingsystemwiththePCWMcontrolsystem. The system can be setup to log critical details ofthewindingprocess.

Summary: Groupe Auchan S.A. Primary Credit Analyst: - Table ...

Summary: Groupe Auchan S.A. Primary Credit Analyst: Michael Seewald, CFA, Paris (33) 1-4420-6669; [email protected] Secondary Contact:


02 IntervIew with vianney Mulliez, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, and Christophe Dubrulle, Chairman of the Board of Directors 06 FInancIal overvIew 10 Steady growth 12 ongoing expansion in Western europe 16 Robust growth in Central and eastern europe 18 A 10 th year of rapid growth in Asia ...

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