Brno University of Technology Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Department of Languages Tento materiál je určen především studentům bakalářského studijního programu k procvičování látky probírané v kurzech angličtiny.

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Sample Greetings1

Sample Greetings 1 GREETINGS THAT WORK Greetings should be informative, brief, and as current as possible. Your greeting represents you and Rogue to the caller.

Greetings - Spring 2011

Customer Newsletter - J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co. Spring 2011 Like the first subtle signs of spring after a long winter, we are starting to see the suffering

Re: Unsolicited Idea Submission

Re: Unsolicited Idea Submission To Whom It May Concern: You have expressed interest in making an unsolicited submission of materials to American Greetings Corporation.

Hello Kitty® Greetings

greetings and introductions

French Factfile 1 greetings and introductions Learn with television Talk French: Programme 1 Find out about the crucial role of la bise -the kiss on the cheek - in formal and friendly greetings, and learn how to introduce yourself and your friends.

Greetings, farewells, and special expressions

Greetings, farewells, and special expressions A Greetings Neutral to formal: Less formal: A: Hi./Hello. How are you? A: Hi/Hey. How are things? / B: Fine, thank you.

greetings and introductions

Spanish Factfile 1 greetings and introductions Learn with television Talk Spanish: Programme 1 In Alcoi, where one of the most traditional Spanish fiestas is taking place, watch people greeting each other, and meet players from the Valencia football team.


Greetings! The 20 th annual St. Patrick's Day Festival and parade will be held on Saturday, march 15, 2008. This one-day rain or shine event brings approximately 25,000 to celebrate being Irish and welcome the coming of spring.

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