Title: Enhancing Aircraft Survivability through Damage ...

VaCAS Seminar 2/25/11 1030 Torgersen 11:00 AM Vlad Gavrilets Rockwell Collins Title: Enhancing Aircraft Survivability through Damage-Tolerant Flight Control Abstract: Rockwell Collins Damage Tolerant Control (DTC) technology is designed to mitigate common aircraft failures such as primary ...


4.2 Research Institutions, Industry and University Reports 4.2.1 Research Institutes and Companies Athena Tech, Inc. - Vlad Gavrilets Athena Technologies is a leading supplier of integrated flight control, navigation, and vehicle management systems to a number of UAV production programs.

The dimensions, modes and definitions of species and speciation

Gavrilets'observation that selection and drift are not opposing forces, and that there are nearly equivalent high fitness corridors (''neutral networks'') through the adaptive landscape, puts a different aspect on speci-ationandthe nature of species.

Waiting time to parapatric speciation

Waiting time to pa rap atricspeciation Sergey Gavrilets Departments of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Mathematics, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37996, USA ([email protected] edu) Using a weak migration and weak mutation approximation, I studied the average waiting time to ...

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Vladislav Gavrilets: Went to become Chief Scientist, Athena Controls, now Rockwell Collins. Sommer Gentry: Went to US Naval Academy, Annapolis. Assistant Professor.

Behavior of Dobzhansky-type epistatic hybridization models

e.g., Gavrilets’ numerical simulations (in which α = 0.01 and m = m 0 = 0.005). In other words, weak selection against either the recombinant ancestral genotype

Pattern, process and geographic modes of speciation

SHORT COMMUNICATION Pattern, process and geographic modes of speciation B.M.FITZPATRICK*,J.A.FORDYCE*&S.GAVRILETS* *Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, USA

Intermediate LAT

plain style This is plain bibliography style. You can reference any article like inabook[4] in multiple articles[5,2] in multiple articles[1,3] in article[2, p. xxx]withspecics References [1]Sergey Gavrilets.

The dynamics of evolutionary stasis

q2005 ThePaleontological Society. All rights reserved. 0094-8373/05/3102-0010/$1.00 Paleobiology, 31(2), 2005, pp. 133-145 The dynamics of evolutionary stasis Niles Eldredge, John N. Thompson, Paul M. Brake field, Sergey Gavrilets, David Jablonski, Jeremy B. C. Jackson, Richard E. Lenski, Bruce ...

MBI Announces Year on Ecology and Evolution

Craig Moritz and Sergey Gavrilets are the co-organizers of a cross-cutting symposium that will bring together researchers from different disciplines to explore connect ions between phylogeny, phylogeography, and speciation theory.

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