For use with: Sender Resistance (Ohms) Full Empty Most GM vehicles 1965 to present Most Ford & Chrysler vehicles 3262 fuel level sender Most GM vehicles before 1965 Most Ford vehicles '87 to present 0 73 240 0 16 90 10 33 30 158 Disconnect negative battery cable when wiring and reconnect to ...


I/ + GND/ _ I/ + GND/ _ Instr. No. 2650-382G INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 2 5 ⁄ 8" ELECTRICAL GAUGES Mounting Fuel Level These gauges can be mounted in-dash or in Auto Meter mounting panels (2 5 ⁄ 8" dia. hole for 2 5 ⁄ 8" gauges).

PLUS!™ Performance… Liquid-filled performance in a dry gauge!

TM Performance gauges "new"gauges? A. No. We simply enhanced the industry lead-ingAshcroft products you'vegrowntotrust with a fluid clutch dampener.

Rough Rider™ Electronic Fuel Level Sensor

8341-7000 Series Fuel Level Sen so r for Heavy DutyApplications Rough Rider ™ Electronic Fuel Level Sensor Advanced-Quality Performance Reliability U. S. &Foreign Patents Pen ding The Measureof Excellence (972) 241-2161•FAX (972) 620-1403 11616 Harry Hines Blvd. • P. O. Box 29242 ...


SMARTCRAFT SYSTEM SPEEDOMETER INSTALLATION Page 2 of 4 Installation Information WARNING Disconnect both battery cables at battery before attempting to install gauges Before cutting any holes, check area behind dashboard for obstructions (braces, cables, wiring, etc.).

OH-1 Cover Spread v2 Docutek

Pressure Tester Model PT, Dual Display LCD Digital Pressure Indicator OH-1 Cover Spread v2 Docutek

Introduction Ei • Experience - • Data Analysis - Kinley ...

• Introduction Ei • Experience • Memory Production Logging • Tuning Fork Density • Tuning Fork Density • Data Analysis • Multi-Cycle Shut In Tool • Pressure Gauges

Rainfall Measurements at a Point using Rain Gauges ...

Rainfall Measurements at a Point using Rain Gauges • Introduction • Types of rain gauges o Non-recording gauges o Recording gauges • Sources of errors in rain gauge measurements o Wind-induced errors

Magnetic Liquid-Level Gauges

6500_Series_Magnetic_Liq_Lev 6500_Series_Magnetic_Liq_Lev

52mmPerformance boost gauge Elec~Mech

The instructions below will make the gauges white during the day and amber at night. For any other configurations please refer to the lighting diagram below.

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