Student Loan Cohort Default Rates: Exemptions for Certain ...

increased to an all time high of 22.4% in FY1990. As a result, the federal government was assuming a large share of the burden associat ed with the defaulted loans.


Tuition at Harvard Schools: FY1990 - FY2010 (1)

Tuition at Harvard Schools: FY1990 - FY2010 (1) Fiscal Medical/Public Year College GSASBusiness Design Divinity Education Government (2) Law Dental (3) Health (4) 1990 13,08513,08515,35013,1108,63012,23212,570 13,400 16,850 12,515 1991 13,96013,96016,40014,3009,20013,15213,390 14,475 18,030 ...


U.S. Postal Service Workforce Size and Employment Categories ...

Number of USPS Employees by Employment Category, FY1990-2010.....2 Table 2. Career and Non-Career Employees as Percentage of USPS Workforce.....4


Volume 1: Fiscal Years 1990-2009 - Greenhouse Gas - Emissions ...

Washington University in St. Louis i GHG Emissions Inventory (Vol. 1: FY1990-2009) ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The production of the first Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory for Washington University in St. Louis


Recidivism Trend Report

Recidivism Trend FY1990—FY2006 V I R G INIA DEP A R T M E N T O F CO R R E C T IONS RESE AR C H & F OR E C AS T ING Research & Forecasting March 2011 Offender recidivism is viewed by many as a primary measure of the performance of corrections agencies.


Student and State Share of Costs of a Rutgers Education ...

Student and State Share of Costs of a Rutgers Education FY1990-2011 Students are paying a steadily increasing share of the cost of their education as the state share declines.


Gandhar Field Development Project

Between FY1986 and FY1990, India's oil and oil product imports increased by 17.5 per cent a year to reach 23.9 million tons, while the cost of such imports increased annually by 3 per cent to $3.3 billion.


Report on the Response of the Department of Corrections to ...

This is a five-fold increase from the 715 geriatric inmates confined in FY1990. During FY2006 a total of 882 geriatric inmates out of 12,523 new court commitments were sentenced to DOC.


Outline of the Keidanren Voluntary Action Plan on the ...

Name of Organization Target Measures to Attain Goals Petroleum Association of Japan (PAJ) ・In the period from FY2008 to FY2012, reduce energy intensity in refineries by an average of 13% compared to the FY1990 level.


"Mazda Green Plan 2010" Environmental Mid-Term Plan

Reduce direct landfill waste to 0.4% or less (300 tons/year) of FY1990's figure. Direct landfill waste was reduced to less than 0.3% (232 tons/year) of FY1990's figure.


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