Fractal Material Science: A New Direction in Materials Science

52 JOM • January 1998 Overview Emerging Technologies To optimize the structure and properties of alloys, it is necessary to take into account the effect of the self-organization of a dissipative structure with fractal properties at load.


The Technology of Nature ® FRACTUS, S.A., Parque Emp. Sant Joan.


3 Felber: "Fractal Antennas" ABSTRACT Fractal antenna theory is built, as is the case with conventional antenna theory, on classic electromagnetic theory.

Fractal Geometry

Fractals occur in art too! Here is a painting of Jackson Pollock who sometimes dripped paint on the canvas laid at his feet. Reference: Taylor , " Fractal Expressionism", On-line: Internet, available at http/ ://material science.uoregon. edu/fractal_taylor.html, pp. 4-5.

The Fractal Planning Solution – Jim Stone, PhD.

Clear Mind, Effective Action. How to get more done with less stress in a world of ever-increasing complexity using the organizing power of fractals

What are fractals

Figure 1 illustrates the construction of a fractal known as the Koch curve. From a to d, the fractal is constructed by progressively adding copies of structure at smaller and smaller scale.

history of engineered fluid transporting fractals

Flexibility of fractal design: Engineered fractals allow for precise control of the geometry of fluid scaling. This patent describes several ways that fluid transporting fractals can be varied to provide desired scaling and distribution geometry.

Fractal Time

2 The Institute for Advanced Interdisciplinary Research, Houston, Texas, U.S.A. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 98-84083 ISBN 0-9661324-1-6 (spiral binding) ISBN 0-9661324-0-8 (library binding) This pdf edition was published in 2004 as a contribution to IF Papers by The Institute for ...

Heping Xie a, Jin-an Wang a, E. Stein b

18 May 1998 Physics Letters A 242 ( 1998) 41-50 PHYSICS LETTERS A Direct fractal measurement and multifractal properties of fracture surfaces

Fractal Finance

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