Understanding Children - Fears

To many parents, children's fears make no sense at all. Nevertheless, to children, monsters lurking in the dark or scary noises coming from the attic are quite real.


Fears, Loneliness, Boredom - Alone and Okay

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Anxiety, Fears, and Phobias in Persons With Williams Syndrome

features of Williams syndrome include musculoskeletal and renal abnormalities, distinctive facial features, and hyperacusis (Pober & Dykens, 1996).


Keats' Melancholy "Fears"

Keats' Melancholy "Fears" John Keats' sonnet "When I have fears that I may cease to be" was written in the early part of 1818—a time of increasing turmoil in his life.



COPING WITH PHOBIAS There are over 200 listed phobias ranging from acerbophobia (fear of sourness) to xenophobia (fear of strangers). While some may view these fears


Easing Patient Fears Can Raise HCAHPS Scores

Easing Patient Fears Can Raise HCAHPS Scores Anna Webster, for HealthLeaders Media , September 28, 2011 Not everyone feels the same way about the blue "H" sign indicating a hospital's proximity.

Fears and Anxieity

Source: Child and Youth Mental Health Service: Adapted from NSW Health Brochures Last Updated: September 2002 Review Date: September 2005 What is the Issue?


Emotional Processing of Fear: Exposure to Corrective Information

Toward this end, a model of pathological fears is discussed and a pathway for their correction via treatment proposed. 1 Fear and its Modification Structure of Fear Memory A starting point for considering the mechanisms of exposure therapies can be found in Lang's (1977, 1979) bioinformational ...


Fears and Worries - What You Can Do

24 Fears and Worries - What You Can Do After a traumatic event, children and adults may feel more fearful and worried. This is especially true with events that are unpredictable, such as terrorist attacks.


Helping Children Overcome Fears

1 human development Extension "Mom, can you leave the hall light on?" "Daddy, are ghosts real?" "Grandma, make sure there are no spiders in the room!"


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