Ethical Analysis in Organizational Decision Making

ETHICAL ANALYSIS IN ORGANIZATIONAL DECISION MAKING EXECUTIVE DEVELOPMENT BY: Gesualdo C Schneider Montpelier Fire / Ambulance Department Montpelier, Vermont An applied research project submitted to the National Fire Academy As part of the Executive Fire Officer Program August 2002


ETHICAL GUIDELINES FOR COUNSELING SUPERVISORS This document is placed here for historical reference. The standards for counseling supervisors, originally developed in 1991, were incorporated into the 2005 ACA Code of Ethics, therefore negating the necessity of updating these standards.

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The Quest for Ethical Leaders: Essays on Leadership Ethics, (forthcoming, Edward Elgar, November 2005); Steven R. Covey, Principal-Centered Leadership, Free Press; October 1, 1992; etc. 2.

Ethical Consumerism Report 2010

Foreword Expenditure on green goods and services has grown by 18 per cent over the last two years, despite the economic downturn. Overall, the ethical market in the UK was worth £43.2 billion in 2009 compared to £36.5 billion two years earlier, against the background of one per cent growth in ...

The Miniature Guide to

Richard Paul Linda Elder Why a Mini-Guide on Ethical Reasoning? The development of ethical reasoning abilities is vitally important—both for living an ethical life and creating an ethical world.


TABLE OF CONTENTS MATTERS OF ETHICAL CONCERN IN RESEARCH 1. Plagiarism 2. Misuse of Privileged Information 3. Data a. Integrity of Data b.

What is Ethical Sourcing?

Introducing the Ethical Sourcing Assessment from the Safe Quality Food Institute.

The Ethical, Character Driven Organization:

The Ethical, Character Driven Organization: Challenging Up and Supporting Down Foreword Page 2 FOREWORD This text is a follow-up to our 2008 NEIA project, Ethical, Character Driven Leadership: How to Become a Premier Law Enforcement Agency.

Introduction to Ethical Theory

PHL 202: Introduction to Ethical Theory Dr. Heikes NORMATIVE NON-NORMATIVE ETHICAL THEORY APPLIED ETHICS METAETHICS DESCRIPTIVE ETHICS PROFESSIONAL ETHICS Branches of ethics Definitions of terms: I. Normative: A branch of ethics concerned with determining whether an action is right or wrong.

Ethical Dilemmas for the School Counselor: Balancing Student ...

Ethical Dilemmas for the School Counselor: Balancing Student Confidentiality and Parentsâ•Ž Right to Know

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