Equating Scores From Adaptive to Linear Tests

Equating Scores From Adaptive to Linear Tests WimJ. van der Linden, University of Twente, the Netherlands Two local methods for observed-score equating are applied to the problem of equating an adaptive test toalineartest.


Dr. Gary W. Phillips. Ph D (pdf)

procedures related to item response theory, equating, statistical linking, classical test theory, differential item functioning, standard setting, reliability, validity, generalizability, item banking,


Linking Scores From Multiple Instruments

How does equating differ from other types of linking? In addition to the many techniques for actually doing score linking, there are five "requirements" that are often regarded as basic to all of score equating.


Quality Control in Test Development, Scoring and Reporting of ...

Intended Audience: Advanced graduate students and faculty members from colleges and universities and researchers, education practitioners, and policy analysts from state and local education agencies and professional associations. Test Equating Methods and Practices


NYSED Third Annual Technology Conference

Goals and Agenda • Everything starts with "item and test construction." • Field testing generates statistical data. • Test form equating is used to ensure fairness in comparability.


What Your CLEP® Score Means

Second, your raw score is converted into a "scaled score" by a statistical process called equating . Equating maintains the consistency of standards for test scores over time by adjusting for slight differences in difficulty between test forms.



ONE RULER, MANY TESTS A PRIMER ON TEST EQUATING ABSTRACT Given the variety of languages, cultures, and curricular priorities across APEC countries, it would seem difficult to unite around a common set of teaching and learning standards for purposes of international communication.


Investigating Different Item Response Models in Equating the ...

86 T. Song A previous study by Lee, Kolen, Frisbie, and Ankenmann (2001) has demonstrated that for tests composed of testlets only, equating based on polytomous IRT models produces results that more closely agree with the results of traditional methods than they do with dichotomous models, where ...


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http://apm.sagepub.com Applied Psychological Measurement DOI: 10.1177/01466210022031787 2000; 24; 325 Applied Psychological Measurement Eiji Muraki, Catherine M. Hombo and Yong-Won Lee Equating and Linking of Performance Assessments http://apm.sagepub.com/cgi/content/abstract/24/4/325 The online ...


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