Your Emotions 361 PSYCHOLOGY: Exploring Behavior Chapter: Emotions Emotions What Is Emotion? The Effects of Arousal Efficient behavior Dimensions of Emotions Faces and Emotion Words and Emotion Theories of Emotion Activation Attribution Opponent-Process The Development of ...


What are Emotions?

1 one What are Emotions? B ertrand russell once noted that scientists who thought they were studying a simple phenomenon eventually recognized that their original ques-tion, say, "Why is the sky blue?"


Which Emotions Are Basic?

1 [In in D. Evans and P. Cruse (Eds. ) , Emotion, Evolution, and Rationality , Oxford University Press (2004) . ] Which Emotions Are Basic? Jesse Prinz There are two major perspectives on the origin of emotions.


Science of affect and emotion

In J.-M. Fellous & M. A. Arbib (Eds.), Who Needs Emotions? The Brain Meets the Machine . New York: Oxford University Press. Read, H. E. (1953).


Phil/Psych 256 Chris Eliasmith

Role of Emotions An essential part of what makes us human, but often making us poor reasoners? An essential part of what makes us human, and responsible for making us as good reasoners as we are?


Teaching your child...emotion

Teaching Your Child to: Identify and Express Emotions The Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning Vanderbilt University vanderbilt.edu/csefel Does This Sound Familiar?


What's Basic About Basic Emotions?

316 ANDREW ORTONY AND TERENCE J. TURNER Table 1 A Selection of Lists of"Basic"Emotions Reference Fundamental emotion Basis for inclusion Arnold (1960) Anger, aversion, courage, dejection, Relation to action desire, despair, fear, hate, hope, tendencies love, sadness Anger, disgust, fear, joy ...


Emotions, Self and Development

emotions during the toddler years. In C. A. Brownell & C. B. Kopp (Eds.), Transitions in early socioemotional development: The toddler years. New York: Guilford.


What are emotions? And how can they be measured?

Trends and developments: research on emotions Courants et tendances: recherchesurleseĀ“motions KlausR. Scherer What are emotions? And how can they be What are emotions?


An Environment Approach to Positive Emotion: Flowers

Emotions as natural kinds within the mammalian brain. In M. Lewis and J. Haviland-Jones (Eds.), Handbook of Emotions (2nd ed., pp. 137-156). New York: Guilford Press.


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